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I so want a garden this year and the spring weather this weekend that is gone by today got me all inspired. A quick pinterest search and I’m FULL of ideas. People have some quite unique things! Here are a few:

Gorgeous, yes??? How’s that for some Monday motivation full of sunshine and bright colors?

I think this year we’ll start a bit simpler than some of these, since neither of us are experienced gardeners. In fact, I think I’ve killed most things I’ve attempted to grow. BUT. I really really really love fresh green stuff, I want at least an herb garden, and some bright fun flowers would be awesome. Our balcony get’s a lot of direct sun so I’ve got some researching to do.

Any gardening tips?
Have you grown a balcony garden?
What’s you favorite thing to grow – or favorite fresh-from-the-garden food?

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  1. Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy
    Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy says:

    I had a backyard garden a few years ago – – – square foot garden I think it was technically called, but our peppers had no flavor and bunnies got most of my baby bok choy/baby romaine, so I ended up just planting tomatoes since. I think the balcony garden idea is really awesome… plus when I’m lazy and don’t feel like walking in the backyard, it’s just right there! lol. I don’t really have any tips because I’ve never tried one. But it looks fun! Good luck!

    • LarissaDaltonS
      LarissaDaltonS says:

      Fresh tomatoes are my favorite! Plus, with a good crop, that means plenty of homemade salsa and sauce. Our apartment complex has some square garden boxes that I *think* residents can reserve and plant in, so I’ve thought about asking for details. I wonder if that might be a bit over zealous for our first year, though.

  2. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    We grew a balcony garden last year. We grew all sorts of veggies and fruits. We did them in earth boxes and the kids really enjoyed them. I hope to do it again this year.


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