Go on holiday

Yes, I’ve taken a 2-month impromptu break from bogging. Yes, I’ve been fairly inactive on my social media during that time. Yes, I know this is pretty horrible behavior for a blogger.

Yes, it’s really OK. 🙂

I needed the break. I needed to not think about posts or worry about stats. I needed to step away from Twitter. I needed to stress less about doing workouts so that I would have something to write about, not because I wanted to.

In the last 2 months, we have:

• spent a long weekend in NYC with some favorite people,
• had a cousin from Texas visit,
• gone to another cousin’s wedding in Upstate New York,
• had family here for a week,
• enjoyed cookouts with friends,
• celebrated our second anniversary,
• connected with a fabulous woman I danced with in high school, who is now traveling with The Lion King (which we saw and she took us backstage),
• done some serious hiking,
• read a LOT of books (and kept up with my Feedly!),
• completed the single largest annual work project I have (after this first year subsequent rounds should be a little less crazy!),
• spent 9/11 on the National Mall and went up in the Washington Monument,
• Jon officially completed his master’s degree,
• and I have continued to work a few hours per week at the yoga studio.

Favorite shoulder stretch of the summer.


I feel like I’ve had a busy summer. I also feel like I’ve truly enjoyed it without the pressure of social media. Because let’s face it, blogging is pressure! I had started to enjoy it less and stress more. Red flag!

The first couple weeks off I stressed even more about not posting. “But… but… I just really need to get something up. Wait, I don’t have time to write something good with this work project swamping me. Just post something Larissa!”

And then I decided throwing a post up on my little corner of the internet was not how I want to blog. Disappearing for a bit, while still not the best habit, was the more honest true-to-myself thing to do.

Also, this happened. First time holding headstand more than a foot from a wall!


Now I’m ready to dive back in and reconnect with the fabulous bloggers I know and love. Jon asked the other day “Are you going to start writing again? Because you enjoyed it for so long.”

Yes, I am ready to come back to my blog now, refreshed and excited.

Have you ever taken time off blogging?
Why, and how did you get back into it?

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Hello friends! Long time no…. see? Write? Post? Read?

I’ve had a glorious almost two weeks off blogging. It wasn’t intentional, in fact. But welcome time off all the same. How easy is it to get caught up daily in writing, reading, commenting, checking stats, updating plugins, noting post ideas, collecting images, etc?? Too easy. Overwhelmingly easy. Must-step-away easy.

Plus, I’ve had fun. We spent Friday – Tuesday up in NYC for a mini college-friends-turned-family reunion. People we’ve known for years and who can never ever be replaced. People who you pick up right where you left off despite the group spreading out across the country. Only about 1/3 of the group was there, but the six of us had a blast. Trapsing all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, lots of drinking on rooftops (thank you GORGEOUS weather), late nights, turning the living room into a dance floor… good stuff. Don’t worry, also enough real-life conversations to catch up with each other. It wasn’t all ridiculous fun. *wink*

Easily the happiest few days I’ve had in a long while. #content

Jon&Larissa Wes&Larissa BoysYoga Justin&Larissa



This week was also Jon’s birthday! We celebrated with friends over the weekend and then did dinner together at home later.

How was your week?
Did you do anything exciting for the holiday weekend?

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This means I’m getting back into a routine. It means we’re feeling settled in our new home. It means my need to run is being fulfilled.

This is good.

I haven’t done a ton and easing back into regular running, but what I have done has felt great! We had a very low-key holiday so I didn’t have to worry about sabotaging any fitness plans. And with almost 2 weeks off work when the office closes over the holidays, I had plenty of time to get in a few runs, put up decorations at home and watch my fair share of BBC television. P.S. I’m pretty sure I belong in London.

~ 2 weeks ago

• 3.6 miles, 43:19 (12:01 pace)
Slow and refreshing. About .5–mile walk warm-up and another .5 walk cool down. First run post–move! The new apartment has a small workout room, so this was my first winter treadmill run as well. Slow, but it felt great! And hey, after months of really light running, I’m just really getting back into it.

• Nice and loooong yoga session. I went through several of Erin Motz’s 30 Day Challenge videos. Find the YouTube playlist here. This series is wonderful. I like to do 3 or 4 in a row to get a full workout – feels amazing!

• We also did a nice long walk on a gorgeous Saturday. We took several hours to explore our new neighborhood… thus far, we love it!


• 5.1 miles, 1:01:15 (12:00 pace)
This workout felt great! I changed it up each mile, starting on a high incline/easy speed working to a low incline/faster speed and finished the last 1/4 mile with a sprint plus a quick cool–down walk.

• Quick strength training:
40 squats w/ 15 lbs. | 30 lat pull downs, 50/60/70 lbs | 30 rows, 50/60/70 lbs.


• This isn’t really a workout,  but hey! We walked to (not close to the metro station) and all around the National Cathedral, then walked around the National Mall to see some monuments. Justin had never been to D.C. before and Jon had only been here briefly before we moved. Plenty to see with our first out-of-town guests!

Um, so this place is pretty amazing. © Jon Stephanoff

The guys being creeps. © Krista Dalton

We picked a cold and overcast day to explore. © Krista Dalton


• ~45:00 yoga
My brother and his wife were in town for New Years. Krista and I convinced the guys to join us for yoga! It was a great session full of spinal twists and hip rotations to break up any tension after a day full of walking on Monday.


• 1.74 miles, 25:00 (14:22 pace)
Incline work! Found this on Pinterest and it’s a killer.  I’ve never been great at hills so I’m determined to work on it this winter.


• Strength training:
30 each: lat pull-downs; 70/60/50 lbs. |  bent rows; 70/60/60 lbs. | bench presses; 50/40/50 lbs. (Have work to do here – these were HARD!) | squats; w/ 20 lbs. | lunges; 20/15/10 lbs.

• Finished with 20:00 of yoga to loosen up.

My plan this weekend is another longer yoga session with inversion work and a long run. Which at this point is probably more like 5 or 6 miles. Can’t wait to get back up to double digits being my standard long run!

How was your New Year celebration?
How was working out through the holidays?

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Well folks, we are a week away from being Maryland residents.

Thanksgiving was calm as far as a holiday and busy as a packing week. We have a room filled with boxes and are quite tired of stuffing things into boxes. Our apartment feels like we’re actually leaving! Last night I watched the Washington football game and each time there was a shot of the city, I kept thinking that’s going to be our home “town” in a week. Crazy.

With packing comes cleansing. There have been several trips to the Salvation Army, with more to come, as well as multiple things sold. It’s freeing and refreshing and inspiring to get rid of things I don’t need. And not even to make room for new things, but simply to have more space and less “stuff.” I’m a very spacial person, emotionally and physically. The purge that accompanies moving is almost good enough to make me loathe packing a tiny bit less.

Four days of work, a day to pack the truck and clean, then we’re on the road Saturday. Sheesh! So soon!

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Washington DC {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

I can finally talk about it. We are officially leaving Missouri and heading east!

We each came to Missouri, Jon from Ohio and me from New York, for college. Then work. Then graduate school. And another job. During that time, I’ve been a couple of plane flights away from my family and Jon has a 12–hour drive to his family. It’s not easy getting back for holidays or important events, much less just a weekend visit.

And so, 10 years later, we’re moving closer.

We’ll cut the trip to his parents in half and we’ll be an easy bus or train to my brother and sister-in-law in NYC, plus a ton closer to more of my family in Upstate NY.

Still, the D.C. area isn’t the most convenient if the only reason we’re moving is for family. Except that I love D.C. I loved it when I went to a conference in college. The city simply spoke to me, you know? Then I did my master’s thesis back there; I wanted to see if I enjoyed living there as much as visiting. The answer was a big yes. Plus, my goal all along has been to work in the non–profit sector; D.C. is kind of a good place for that.

But we weren’t ready to move yet. Jon was still working on his master’s and I got a job at Mizzou that I’ve enjoyed the past two years. We still have great friends that are basically family just a couple of hours away. And until last year, I still had two brothers and s-i-l here. Missouri is where we grew into adulthood and it is home.

When a posting for a communication coordinator at the small D.C. non–profit came to my attention, I sat on it a few days before deciding to apply. I scoured their website. I noticed they were also hiring a development director… but didn’t see any staff currently listed on those two positions. During the initial phone interview, I confirmed that both were new positions. I could be in a place with a new commitment to outreach and fundraising and communication, and be a key staff member in building those strategies from the ground up. It was intriguing.

Then followed a group Skype interview and a whirlwind trip to D.C. After every conversation and lots of emails, I kept telling Jon that this just felt right. And obviously, I was offered and have accepted the position. It’s an exciting new step in my career and just happens to be in my favorite city. Well, like a block across the line in Maryland and we’ve confirmed an apartment close by.

I’m sad to leave our friends; I’m sad to leave our neighborhood where we love living; I’m sad to leave the low cost-of-living; I’m sad to leave the “Mizzou family” (working at a major university is quite fun). On a somewhat selfish note, I’m sad to leave a corporate setting with top equipment and computers. The non–profit sector is a bit different. 🙂

Iconic Mizzou: the columns and Jesse Hall.

The timing for this move isn’t the greatest – but for the right position, we’ve made the timing work. So! The next month (well, nearly 2 months) will be crazy. We move the second week of December, I start my new job, and then it’s Christmas! Beginning January we can start settling into a new city and new routines. I  know there are lots of runners in the D.C. area; I’ll need new routes!


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