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  • |reflect| Rain is magic

    Jun 4, 15 • feature, |reflect|1 Comment
    |reflect| Rain is magic

    The rain resonates with me this week. The cool misting during a morning run and the torrential downpour while sitting relaxed on the balcony. Even the chilly light rain while I walk to work. After a week already pushing 90° it seems extra meaningful. I’ve given boots and my favorite cozy sweater one last wear until [&hellip...

  • |reflect| The courage to be honest with confidence

    Apr 22, 15 • |reflect|16 Comments
    |reflect| The courage to be honest with confidence

    Hi! This will be a bit of a rambler post – apologies in advance. I’ve been musing on this for a while and haven’t quite found the flow to write about it… so I think I’m trying too hard. Here are my thoughts in all their un-finessed glory. I was first challenged by this post titled “I’m [&hellip...

  • |reflect| Thoughts from headstand

    Feb 14, 15 • |reflect|7 Comments
    |reflect| Thoughts from headstand

    Meet my friend the headstand. I’ve been working on my inversions a LOT the past year. I’d venture a guess that I’ve spent more time upside down in the previous 12 months than I have in the 20-something years before that. During all this time on my head, I’ve had a thought or two. 1. I don’t [&hellip...

  • |reflect| We must take our bodies back

    |reflect| We must take our bodies back

    By now you all know how important body confidence and a healthy self-image are to me. This post hit me square in the face this morning, and instead of writing about it, I’ve simply copied my favorite parts and you can read the rest should you choose. I can’t say this better or with more experience than [&hellip...

  • Yoga Nidra for better sleep

    Yoga Nidra for better sleep

    * Feature image: “Savasana” by Missy N. {cropped and text added} is licensed under Flickr Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. If you struggle to fall asleep or to sleep soundly, you need to try this. For real. Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a fully relaxed meditative state. Your mind remains lightly engaged while your body feels like [&hellip...


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