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  • |marketing| What font should I use??

    Mar 13, 15 • feature, |marketing|2 Comments
    |marketing| What font should I use??

    Bloggers love fonts. I know I just stereotyped and generalized with that statement. I’m sticking to it. We love fun fonts! We love fonts that are bright and fun and give our blogs a good vibe. We love script-y fonts and chalkboard fonts and bright pink polka dot fonts! While these may be perfect choices [&hellip...

  • |marketing| How to take quality photos

    Feb 9, 15 • feature, |marketing|20 Comments
    |marketing| How to take quality photos

    Quality photos can make or break a blog post, even with the best content. Visuals matter, plain and simple. Whether you want to improve your Instagram photography or step up your blog images, there are some standard techniques to apply – phone camera included. 1. Composition The rule of thirds is the key to great composition. [&hellip...


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