• Be a beginner

    Jul 7, 14 • feature, Health & Fitness2 Comments
    Be a beginner

    Sheesh I’m tired! A little too much wine with friends last night. Oops…. Hope you all had a wonderful fourth! We had a quite relaxing weekend. Much needed since work has me really busy right now. Thursday was a whirlwind! Hopefully finishing up the project this week and can get back to all the rest [&hellip...

  • Week off, week on

    Jun 30, 14 • feature, Health & Fitness1 Comment
    Week off, week on

    Today is all about “get after it” motivation since I didn’t get in a solid workout ALL last week. Monday I skipped my yoga class for a good-by-friends-moving-back-to-Michigan party. I don’t know what happened Tuesday. I might have come home and fallen asleep on the couch. Wednesday was dinner with friends. Thursday…. by Thursday I was [&hellip...

  • “I’m not pretty enough for them”

    Jun 25, 14 • feature, Life & LemonadeNo Comments
    “I’m not pretty enough for them”

    “Oh man, this could be weird. I’m not pretty enough to hang out with them.” I followed up that thought by mentally scanning my closet for something that would make me feel more confident. It was easily a full minute before I caught myself. What on EARTH am I doing? Where did that thought come [&hellip...

  • DC touristing, first harvest and BIRTHDAY

    DC touristing, first harvest and BIRTHDAY

    Last weekend we drove to Jon’s family in Ohio. With his parents, brother and SIL, aunt and uncle, cousin and his wife (CIL?) we celebrated four family birthdays and Father’s Day x2. It was a record I’m sure. Guinness? Call me. One meal had three cakes, apple strudel, brownies and ice cream. ONE MEAL. Honestly. It was [&hellip...

  • The end of back pain

    Jun 18, 14 • feature, Health & FitnessNo Comments
    The end of back pain

    “It was one of those experiences you don’t forget. Many years ago, when I was a neurosurgery resident, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a call from a new patient named Tom. ‘If I had a gun,’ he said, ‘I would blow my brains out.’ My heart pounded as I tried [&hellip...

  • On listening and courage

    Jun 16, 14 • feature, Life & Lemonade4 Comments
    On listening and courage

    I’ve been thinking about the concept of listening recently, in two ways: • What does listening look like? How do I do it? • How do I know I am being truly listened to? Because everyone wants to be heard, right? And anyone who knows another well enough to have more than 4.3 arguments is familiar with the back [&hellip...


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