• |style| Stripes and florals

    Mar 2, 15 • feature, |style|10 Comments
    |style| Stripes and florals

    Two things I don’t often do: layer over button-up shirts and mix patterns. // Photos by Jonathan Stephanoff Photography Granted, stripes and florals isn’t a unique pattern pairing. This one I can do with some confidence. Others I struggle with. Like a pair of gray skinnies with small black polka dots. I can’t seem to [&hellip...

  • |lately| February review: I’m a stress snacker

    Feb 26, 15 • feature, |lately|12 Comments
    |lately| February review: I’m a stress snacker

    How is it the shortest month of the year has felt so long? February was a bit rough. Fitness On Superbowl Sunday, February 1, I had a great treadmill workout. Monday morning, I couldn’t bend my left toes and could barely put weight on the ball of my foot. It was a constant ache with [&hellip...

  • |diy| 3 hacks for perfect jeans

    Feb 18, 15 • feature, |diy|14 Comments
    |diy| 3 hacks for perfect jeans

    Finding the perfect pair of jeans is SO HARD. Sizes vary so much brand to brand and rarely fit individual body shapes well. I use 3 easy hacks to tailor regular fit problems in my jeans – whether they be new jeans needing a tailor or old jeans needing a second life. 1. The waist is too [&hellip...

  • |mindfulness| Thoughts from headstand

    Feb 14, 15 • |mindfulness|7 Comments
    |mindfulness| Thoughts from headstand

    Meet my friend the headstand. I’ve been working on my inversions a LOT the past year. I’d venture a guess that I’ve spent more time upside down in the previous 12 months than I have in the 20-something years before that. During all this time on my head, I’ve had a thought or two. 1. I don’t [&hellip...

  • |marketing| How to take quality photos

    Feb 9, 15 • feature, |marketing|20 Comments
    |marketing| How to take quality photos

    Quality photos can make or break a blog post, even with the best content. Visuals matter, plain and simple. Whether you want to improve your Instagram photography or step up your blog images, there are some standard techniques to apply – phone camera included. 1. Composition The rule of thirds is the key to great composition. [&hellip...


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