• |marketing| What font should I use??

    Mar 13, 15 • feature, |marketing|1 Comment
    |marketing| What font should I use??

    Bloggers love fonts. I know I just stereotyped and generalized with that statement. I’m sticking to it. We love fun fonts! We love fonts that are bright and fun and give our blogs a good vibe. We love script-y fonts and chalkboard fonts and bright pink polka dot fonts! While these may be perfect choices [&hellip...

  • |design| “On a limb” free download

    Mar 9, 15 • feature, |design|4 Comments
    |design| “On a limb” free download

    Hi! I’m closing out this weekend of packing with a new free download. This one is for your social media cover images. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever your flavor I’ve got you covered. This quote has inspired me from time to time for years. It reminds me that change is good. Change is growth. Change keeps me [&hellip...

  • |lunch date| A new yoga class

    Mar 7, 15 • feature11 Comments
    |lunch date| A new yoga class

    It’s a sunny day above freezing. Let’s meet for a lunch date. • We’re moving! In one week to be exact. This weekend starts the packing and cleaning. We’re not moving far; just into a two-bedroom in the next building. It will be the easiest move Jon or I have ever done. Then, in a couple [&hellip...

  • |style| Stripes and florals

    Mar 2, 15 • feature, |style|14 Comments
    |style| Stripes and florals

    Two things I don’t often do: layer over button-up shirts and mix patterns. // Photos by Jonathan Stephanoff Photography Granted, stripes and florals isn’t a unique pattern pairing. This one I can do with some confidence. Others I struggle with. Like a pair of gray skinnies with small black polka dots. I can’t seem to [&hellip...

  • |lately| February review: I’m a stress snacker

    Feb 26, 15 • |lately|12 Comments
    |lately| February review: I’m a stress snacker

    How is it the shortest month of the year has felt so long? February was a bit rough. Fitness On Superbowl Sunday, February 1, I had a great treadmill workout. Monday morning, I couldn’t bend my left toes and could barely put weight on the ball of my foot. It was a constant ache with [&hellip...


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