• Embracing contentment

    Embracing contentment

      You guys, this photo is how I feel today. Content. Peaceful. Does that sound ridiculous? I think too rarely do I stop and appreciate these moments. This weekend I said “wow, I feel really content right now” over and over. The last 2 years have brought some big changes and plenty of unknowns, so to feel this [&hellip...

  • 7-day reset

    Sep 22, 14 • feature, Health & Fitness2 Comments
    7-day reset

    Phew! I’m sitting here with achy arms sipping my morning tea and hoping my sore legs don’t last too many days. Considering my recent workout inconsistency, I feel good about what I did this week. And starting today I’m doing a “7 day reset.” The goal is to do something every day for a full week – and hopefully [&hellip...

  • We must take our bodies back

    We must take our bodies back

    By now you all know how important body confidence and a healthy self-image are to me. This post hit me square in the face this morning, and instead of writing about it, I’ve simply copied my favorite parts and you can read the rest should you choose. I can’t say this better or with more experience than [&hellip...

  • My long blogcation

    Sep 15, 14 • Family, feature, Life & Lemonade2 Comments
    My long blogcation

    Yes, I’ve taken a 2-month impromptu break from bogging. Yes, I’ve been fairly inactive on my social media during that time. Yes, I know this is pretty horrible behavior for a blogger. Yes, it’s really OK. I needed the break. I needed to not think about posts or worry about stats. I needed to step [&hellip...

  • Be a beginner

    Jul 7, 14 • feature, Health & Fitness2 Comments
    Be a beginner

    Sheesh I’m tired! A little too much wine with friends last night. Oops…. Hope you all had a wonderful fourth! We had a quite relaxing weekend. Much needed since work has me really busy right now. Thursday was a whirlwind! Hopefully finishing up the project this week and can get back to all the rest [&hellip...

  • Week off, week on

    Jun 30, 14 • Health & Fitness1 Comment
    Week off, week on

    Today is all about “get after it” motivation since I didn’t get in a solid workout ALL last week. Monday I skipped my yoga class for a good-by-friends-moving-back-to-Michigan party. I don’t know what happened Tuesday. I might have come home and fallen asleep on the couch. Wednesday was dinner with friends. Thursday…. by Thursday I was [&hellip...


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