• |lunch date| Creative workouts

    Jun 6, 15 • feature, |lunch date|5 Comments
    |lunch date| Creative workouts

    Since I missed National Donut Day yesterday (gasp! I know, it was hard) let’s meet for brunch at a favorite little bakery for coffee, bagels and donuts. I want it all, right now. Fair warning, I haven’t eaten yet, so you may want to let me take a few bites before we can really visit. [&hellip...

  • |reflect| Rain is magic

    Jun 4, 15 • feature, |reflect|No Comments
    |reflect| Rain is magic

    The rain resonates with me this week. The cool misting during a morning run and the torrential downpour while sitting relaxed on the balcony. Even the chilly light rain while I walk to work. After a week already pushing 90° it seems extra meaningful. I’ve given boots and my favorite cozy sweater one last wear until [&hellip...

  • |lately| 3 weeks to 30

    Jun 1, 15 • feature, |lately|6 Comments
    |lately| 3 weeks to 30

    In exactly 3 weeks I leave the 2o’s behind; 3 weeks to 30 years old. I’m trying to think of something exciting or reflective or adventurous to say about it, but really I don’t know how I feel. Normally I’m overly excited about my birthday. It’s also the first day of summer and the solstice – [&hellip...

  • |lately| Fasting and fresh air

    May 8, 15 • |lately|6 Comments
    |lately| Fasting and fresh air

    Fitness #1: last weekend I enjoyed my first fresh air run since October! Only 2.5 miles, so don’t get too excited with me. It was slow and I was waaaay too sore the next day. My lack of regular running these days showed big time. But I RAN OUTSIDE YOU GUYS. Get excited again. #2: [&hellip...

  • |design| “Today I am wise” free download

    May 4, 15 • |design|1 Comment
    |design| “Today I am wise” free download

    “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi   This quote has meant a lot of me recently. I keep coming back to it every few days at least. I suppose it’s been a very renewing thought to meditate on. When [&hellip...


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