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Ok I’m behind. Oh well. Life happened. Life and a trip to NYC and the Olympics. They had me up late for 2 weeks straight (honestly, don’t they know 11:30+ is too late for us East coasters??). This lady needs more sleep or my energy is zapped real fast.

Wouldn’t change a thing. I adore the Olympics, enjoyed everything I watched and ignoring the too-little sleep for a sec, my body enjoyed the break.


Last Tuesday

• Yoga, back/hips/balances, 1:00:00
After a bus trip up to NYC and a few days of out-of-town fun, this yoga session is just what I needed. Focused on hips and lower back, then worked on some leg balances and inversions – attempted tripod for the first time. I’m still on the wall to start my headstands, but today felt solid. Added some arm balances at the end just for fun!

Last Wednesday

• Yoga, warm up and balance work, 35:00
Warm up flow, then the strength work (below), and finished up with more inversion work. Core humility today!! I’ve been working on head/hand stands against the wall – no kick ups, keeping it smooth, but still needing the wall to get up and find stability. Today I *attempted* to lift up with less wall support. Holy smokes the core strength! Definitely have work to do – and lots more planks.

• Low-impact full-body rep workout, 25:00

• Kettle bell squat swings x50
• Side plank w/ dumbbell extension x25 each side
• Mountain climbers x50 (both sides=1 rep)
• Squat + press x50
• Band X wrap hip opener x 50
• Pushup + dumbbell row x25
• Russian twists x50 (both sides=1 rep)
• Band bridge lifts x25
= 350 reps


• Yoga, back bend extravaganza, 1:00:00
Playing serious catch up on the IG yoga challenge. I should have looked up the poses first, because I pushed myself hard in backbend work during my own practice… and then had to photograph several bendy poses. My lower back was extremely sore for almost three full days!


• Yoga, headstand (!), 1:00:00
Lots of balance work after a nice and smooth warm-up. The IG challenge this month had headstand variations three days in a row. I spent a long time working upside down before turning on the camera and was really discouraged. Maybe I was too worried or distracted because once the camera was on my focus sharpened and I felt much better in the pose. Still have a loooong way to go but it’s the little victories.


• 4 miles, 41:15 (10:18 pace)
I planned to do hill repeats, but once I started the WU I just felt like running fast. My “comfortable jog” speed felt too slow, so maybe the sprint and hill intervals are starting to pay off. Miles 1 and 4 were jogs, miles 2 and 3 were the sprint intervals.

Just a long run planned this weekend. At least 7 but it would be awesome to hit 8. It also looks like decent, slightly warmer, weather so maybe I’ll take the run outside! Wouldn’t that be nice.

What workout to you have planned this weekend?
Are you working on head/hand stands? Any tips??

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I have been obsessed lately with fashion blogs and fashion on Pinterest and… the lack of fashion on my wardrobe. Ugh. Normally I don’t care all that much and with limited spare funds for shopping exploits, it’s easier to make do. Plus, my non-fashionista self has an irritatingly hard time selecting and pairing pieces.

But! Jon and I have planned a joint shopping splurge in the near future – hopefully SOONER than later *wink* – and I can’t tell you how excited I am to not only get rid of and replace much of my closet (honestly, I still have things from college; maybe before college) but also update Jon’s wardrobe. Giddy!

Alas, the time has not yet come, but I’m trying really hard to plan. Too often I impulse buy just because something is on sale and not necessarily because I love it or because it will last. And I’m pretty awful at shopping with the rest of my wardrobe in mind. The worst thing ever is getting home excited about a new piece and having nothing to wear it with. So I’m trying to be proactive while I bide my time (let’s be honest, I don’t actually want to plan and think this much) until shopping extravaganza can begin.

Ok, also, despite my big words, we don’t actually plan to spend a gazillion pennies. But it has been years since either of us were able to put a whole lot of effort or dollars into quality clothes and I, for one, think its past due. Jon is along for the ride. 🙂

Anyway, I’m switching up my fitness or life motivation to fashion inspiration this week. And HALP! I need advice, tips, ideas, style tips, anything. I’m creative enough that I want to say I’m pretty good at fashion stuff… but that’s just not the case. Here’s what I like: skinny bottoms; loose tops; short skirts; lots of color; not afraid of patterns but I have zero concept how to mix them; absolutely ok with sparkle; some structure but not too much; a “whimsy” feel; nothing fussy and definitely comfort reigns over all else.

Single #1 fashion tip; ready, go!

Also, what is your favorite store to shop at?
Do you have a “style” you’re drawn to?
Favorite fashion blogger or Pinterest board?

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A dark side of health bloggers {}
A dark side of health bloggers {}

My bubble of “healthy-living bloggers are such a supportive and positive community” was just popped.

As happens so often on the internet, I was caught in a rabbit trail that led to me to Get Off My Internets, a forum site dedicated to venting and skewering bloggers. I then spent more time than I want to admit reading through forum pages of some big healthy living and running blogs.

I am ashamed.

I only scanned the forums for blogs I know. Many of them are long gone from my personal reader for various reasons. I even agreed with a lot of what I read. Or at least ended up agreeing. The power of suggestion went something like this: Oh yeah, I guess that is annoying. It always bothered me when {blank} wrote {blank}. Now I know why. Even worse: I understand how {blank} could be irritating, but I never noticed. Except now I will. Every time.

It seems I have avoided a dark corner of the internet until now. I understand discussion and disagreement on the internet as a form of social learning and development. Previously private conversations now play out on a grand scale online. Hello comment sections! Many times I learn more scanning through comments than I do from an article itself, despite some horrible things people say behind online anonymity.

Some of the forums hit on important questions, like “do healthy-living blogs encourage disordered eating and workout obsessions”? Um, yes. I would love to have that conversation!

Do fitness blogs encourage workout obsessions? {} Do health blogs encourage disordered eating? {}

Other comments raised concerns about whether specific bloggers are actually healthy. This isn’t really anyone’s business besides them and their doctor… but I’m willing to give a pass here with reservations. When you read a blog for a long time, you pick up trends. When a blogger starts to take a seemingly negative turn, regular readers notice. Is this worth discussion in a public forum? I’m not convinced, but it does raise some concern that a blogger with a lot of social influence could hurt readers in the process.

What made me hang my head in shame was the general bitching:

• “I hate how she writes with. so. many. periods.”
• “All she does is whine and complain, I can’t stand it.”
• “I’m so tired of reading how she’s the perfect Christian SAHM who gets to run every day.”

And the kickers that get a rise out of me so fast:

• “I never thought she had a great body anyway.”
• “She thinks she’s way better looking than she is.”
• “Why does she always wear pants like that? They make her legs look awful!”



There are no words. I’ve been staring that this screen for several minutes and still don’t have anything short of a full-out scream fest in response.

The worst part is these forums are often started and maintained by other health bloggers. People who [should] sure as hell know better. Who [should] understand how much those words really matter. It is pretty evident in the forums that many of the bloggers themselves keep tabs. So not only are we bashing and shaming these people, we’re doing it knowing they are likely to read it. And we’re announcing that its OK to belittle someone with such a lack of basic respect.

The solution is stunningly simple: you don’t like a blog anymore, don’t read it. The opinions you can keep to yourself – or at least behind the privacy of email with friends, not a public forum. Good gracious. If you can’t say something nice…?

My happy online corner of beautiful people accomplishing extraordinary things full of encouragement and support just had a dark shadow creep in. Pardon me while I go watch these adorable goats playing. And some JLaw funny moments. Maybe some Benedict Cumberbatch clips. I need to find a happy place again.

Your turn:
Are these forums valuable?
What serious conversations should fitness/health/lifestyle bloggers be having?
Am I simply overreacting?

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Jogging it down: my week in review {}

I had some failures this week. I suppose I was due after a few great workout weeks.


• No workouts. No long run. Not because I didn’t have time. I had lots of it. I just didn’t feel like it so didn’t make time. Fail.


• 2.5 miles, 30:03 (12:01 pace)
I wanted 6 or 7 miles (long run) on the TM… and I quit at just 2.5! This was completely a mental battle. I just couldn’t get in the groove, couldn’t focus and got frustrated quickly. It was slow and horrible and just plain miserable. I gave up. Fail.

• 4.36 miles stationary bike, 24:00 (10.9 mph)
Slow few miles at a strong resistance after my completely failed run. My quads and bum were burning from the beginning. It actually felt good to switch it up with some low-impact cross training.

•  Weights

• Lat pulls x30 at 70#
• Bent rows x30 at 70#
• Upright press x30 at 40#
• Plank reps x 40 (cross-under toe-touch, leg lifts, oblique knee-to-elbow)


• Date night! Our half-versary is the 11th, so it’s easy to go out that night and skip any Valentine’s Day craziness. Plus a Christmas gift card to a nice Italian restaurant from my job. Plus a coupon. Plus a two-meal special that you choose a meal to eat then and a second to take home. Plus drinks and desert. We are frugal go-outers, so this date felt quite extravagant. Definite win.

Restaurant lighting is so terrible AND I think I embarrassed Jon by pulling out my phone so I tried to be quick.


• Tired and still feeling cranky from the last run so I opted for a calming yoga session. Plus I’ve been behind on the challenge all week. Fail. I filled this practice with leg balances; I love these but kind of forget about them! Need to do these more often.


• 6.2 miles, 1:11:58 (11:36 pace)
Snow day – win! I got so much done and still relaxed… and did a long run. I feel great about this run after my earlier run attempt. This is about my “long” run distance right now as I work back up for a half in the spring – and it certainly felt like it! I kept the incline at 2% and adjusted the speed up and down as I felt like it. This run was pretty difficult but felt good overall. Win.

•  Strength

• Lat pull-downs x50 (30 at 70#, 20 at 60#)
• Upright presses x50 (20 at 40#, 10 at 30#, 20 at 20#)
• Bent rows x50 (35 at 70#, 15 at 80#)
• Abs x100 (plank cross-under toe-touch, leg lifts, oblique knee-to-elbow; crunches, russian twists, v-sits)

Friday & weekend

Nada! We’re hoping on a bus and heading up to NYC for the long weekend. Though there will be some walking involved, and perhaps a yoga session with my SIL, I have no plans to work out. This is partly why Monday’s run was so frustrating! I knew I had a date night, a few days of pasta leftovers and wouldn’t be working out this weekend… so I really wanted a few good sweat sessions this week.

Updated: Oh, and another fail? Not checking weather closings and coming into work on time when there’s a two hour delay. I could have slept another hour! So need the weekend…. 🙂

How was your week and Valentine’s Day?
How do you bounce back from those failed workouts or runs?

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