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  • How do you define yourself?

    Apr 21, 14 • feature2, Life & Lemonade7 Comments
    How do you define yourself?

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Mostly it’s been in specific terms, like “how do I define my personal style” or “can I still call myself a runner when I’ve been running less and doing other activities more?” Or to get quite personal, “how do I define my life as a personal of faith?” [&hellip...

  • When motivation hurts

    When motivation hurts

    I’m taking my normal “gear myself up for the week” post a different direction today. Let’s talk about some of the harmful motivation on Pinterest and Tumblr and then how we can better evaluate the images we share. As a note, I found all of these images by searching “motivation” on Pinterest. I have purposefully [&hellip...

  • A dark side of health bloggers

    A dark side of health bloggers

    My bubble of “healthy-living bloggers are such a supportive and positive community” was just popped. As happens so often on the internet, I was caught in a rabbit trail that led to me to Get Off My Internets, a forum site dedicated to venting and skewering bloggers. I then spent more time than I want to [&hellip...

  • 4 free resources for home yoga practice

    4 free resources for home yoga practice

    Last week I wrote on the equipment to start a regular yoga practice at home. Today I’m sharing some video resources. Sometimes I prefer to put on some music and do my own sequences, other times I just want to follow an instructor. Here are some favorites! Source: 1. Erin Motz Erin rules. She [&hellip...

  • Set up a home yoga practice for $75 or LESS

    Set up a home yoga practice for $75 or LESS

    Yoga can be intimidating. There’s no question about it. You see photos like these… … and think there is no way you can do yoga. Or, when you think of yoga, you picture people chanting in a room hazy with incense; or silent meditation when you’re obviously supposed to be feeling something but all you can think [&hellip...


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