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  • Embracing contentment

    Embracing contentment

      You guys, this photo is how I feel today. Content. Peaceful. Does that sound ridiculous? ūüôā I think too rarely do I stop¬†and appreciate these moments. This¬†weekend I¬†said “wow, I feel really content right now” over and over. The last 2 years have brought some big changes and plenty of unknowns, so to feel [&hellip...

  • 7-day reset

    Sep 22, 14 • Health & Fitness, |health|2 Comments
    7-day reset

    Phew! I’m sitting here with achy¬†arms sipping my morning tea¬†and hoping my sore legs don’t last too many days. Considering my recent workout inconsistency, I feel good about what I did this week. And starting today I’m doing a “7 day reset.” The goal is to do¬†something¬†every day for a full week ‚Äď and hopefully [&hellip...

  • |reflect| We must take our bodies back

    |reflect| We must take our bodies back

    By now you all know how important body confidence and a healthy self-image are to me. This post hit me square in the face this morning, and instead of writing¬†about¬†it, I’ve simply copied my favorite parts and you can read the rest should you choose. I can’t say this better or with more experience than [&hellip...

  • Be a beginner

    Be a beginner

    Sheesh I’m tired! A little too much wine with friends last night. Oops…. Hope you all had a wonderful fourth! We had a quite relaxing weekend. Much needed since work has me really busy right now. Thursday was a whirlwind! Hopefully finishing up the project this week and can get back to all the rest [&hellip...

  • Week off, week on

    Week off, week on

    Today¬†is all about “get after it” motivation since I didn’t get in a solid workout ALL last week. Monday I skipped my yoga class for a good-by-friends-moving-back-to-Michigan party. I don’t know what happened Tuesday. I might have come home and fallen asleep on the couch. Wednesday was dinner with friends. Thursday…. by Thursday I was [&hellip...


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