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Since I missed National Donut Day yesterday (gasp! I know, it was hard) let’s meet for brunch at a favorite little bakery for coffee, bagels and donuts. I want it all, right now. Fair warning, I haven’t eaten yet, so you may want to let me take a few bites before we can really visit.

Apartment dwellers workout {PIlotingPaperAirplanes.com | TheNotePasser.com} creative workouts• Apartment Dwellers Workout. My friend and all around sustainability nerd Elizabeth featured the first installment of this series on her website The Note Passer. She’s one of the coolest people I know. From her site: “my aim is to be a comprehensive resource for ethical alternatives that benefit both people and the environment. The Note Passer is inspiration for better, sustainable future; one that’s full of more meaning and less waste.”

The workout is all about limited equipment, limited space and a general inability to jump over your neighbors’ heads. It’s a tough life, staying fit in an apartment. So here’s a low impact, bodyweight cardio workout. Cheers, apartment dwellers.

• DeskCycle verses standing desk? I’m all about the standing desk. Unfortunately I don’t have one now, but I make-shifted (a word?) one at my previous job. Lately the stationary sedentary work life has really bothered me and I’m brainstorming ways to raise my workspace again.

But wait! How about trying something new??

I’vApartment dwellers workout {PIlotingPaperAirplanes.com | DeskCycle.com} creative workoutse had this for two days, pedaled for 6 hours total and burned over 1000 extra calories. It looks silly, I know. It’s worth it. The best part? I haven’t been cold in my arctic office.

Back to the standing verses pedaling question. From the DeskCycle website: Sitting on an exercise ball while working, raises your energy expenditure by 6% over sitting at your chair. Standing at your desk raises your energy expenditure by 30%. Pedaling the DeskCycle at only 1 revolution per second, at resistance level 3, raises your energy expenditure by 100%.

More detailed thoughts later after I use it more.

• I’m a little crazy. But really. This is the busiest period of my work year and I’m turning 30 in not very many days and the summer had an identity crisis of 60ºs with rain for 5 days straight and I’m suddenly training for a 10 miles trail race in not very many weeks. Hello summer.

OK I’m done rambling. Your turn.


What’s new for you?
Do you like standing desks?
What are your creative workouts?

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Rain is magic {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}
Rain is magic {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

The rain resonates with me this week. The cool misting during a morning run and the torrential downpour while sitting relaxed on the balcony. Even the chilly light rain while I walk to work.

After a week already pushing 90° it seems extra meaningful. I’ve given boots and my favorite cozy sweater one last wear until faSoon I’ll be tired of the gray, but today the rain is magic. I’ve curled up with open windows, enjoying the crisp fresh air. Soon I’ll be tired of the gray, but today the rain is magic.



I wrote this a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what it is (simple creative writing piece? Free form poem?) and didn’t necessarily intend to publish it, but it fits today.

I pause in these moments.

When the world I see doesn’t match my vision.
The colors aren’t as bright, the energy isn’t as positive and everything seems just a bit mean.

When my perspective doesn’t match what another sees.
I say one thing and my partner hears something different. Or the same realities become different memories.

When a reflection doesn’t match the truth I know.
My body doesn’t look like this, her first impression can’t be accurate or his action doesn’t echo the friend I know.

We all live in moments when truth becomes very gray.

With the grayness comes anxiety and as that fog swirls in, the world takes on a vagueness I hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly I want to claw my way out of this gray-world box. I need contrast. I crave black and white, yes and no, friend and foe.

But that doesn’t exist, does it? The polarization of black and white isn’t truth. Or, it shouldn’t be.

Truth is in the gray.

When I remember an event one way and my friend remembers it another, chances are neither of us is correct. Chances are the truth is somewhere in the middle; in the gray.

It is the space between black and white where creativity and discovery and passion exist. Where community grows and diversity thrives. In the gray spaces, status is challenged and new ideas are built.

This moment, standing the fog, I see variety and blending.
I see black and white and all shades of gray. I see solids and patterns like an endless kaleidoscope.
I move, my perspective shifts, and I realize that each point of view really can be different and still be truth. I watch others move, study the ripples caused by their steps and am awed by the transformations those ripples create.

This time, the moment isn’t one of anxiety, but of wonder.

3 weeks to 30
3 weeks to 30 years

In exactly 3 weeks I leave the 2o’s behind; 3 weeks to 30 years old. I’m trying to think of something exciting or reflective or adventurous to say about it, but really I don’t know how I feel.

Normally I’m overly excited about my birthday. It’s also the first day of summer and the solstice – an all around cool day. This year…. have I done enough with my pivotal 20’s decade? What do I truly want to accomplish in my 30’s (feeling my “life plan” alter in recent months)? Do I like who I’ve become and who do I want to be? And selfishly, what if this birthday passes with little fanfare when it feels like a big milestone to me?

I have 3 weeks left to process. It’s going to be great! May was a good one too.


I’ve stayed fairly consistent with my morning strength training and workday workout breaks. Remember how I said it’s freezing in the office? It doesn’t getting better as our outside temps hit 90. My coworker and I eat lunch outside almost every day just to thaw out. Then she suggested we cut lunch short by 10 minutes for a quick workout. We’ve done it almost every day! Gotta say it’s a great way to beat the normal grogginess after lunch.

Looking forward, this weekend I decided to run a 10-mile trail race in July with a couple friends!


May was really busy! In a great way. We had plenty of lunch or dinner plans with friends. One of my DC favorites and myself participated in the annual “yoga on the mall” (it was actually pretty miserable – really long, really hot and the sprinklers came on every 20 minutes or so). Also, if you like craft beers, this friend Cassie has a beautiful Instagram feed; show her some IG love! I took this photo:

Finally, we took an extended Memorial Day weekend to visit my in-law’s. We always try to go back this weekend since its just a few days before Jon’s birthday. My brother/our housemate came with us, too, and his birthday is the day before Jon’s. Then my fabulous mother-in-law, Jon’s aunt and my sis-in-law took me out for a 30’th celebration at an adorable tea shop for lunch, followed by a jewelry shop where you make your own pieces. It was so fun and special!

Favorites from Instagram:

3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday 3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday 3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday
3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday 3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday 3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday
3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday 3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday 3 weeks to 30 years {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com} birthday



Most of May was on point. Then Memorial Day happened. My meals were great – we did some serious grilling two days in a row complete with tons of veggies. But the deserts… oh the sweets are always my downfall. 🙂 I did a light detox for three days after and feel back to normal.

Also, I’ve experimented with intermittent fasting for a month now. Lots of reading, varying the protocol and generally testing how I feel about it. For the most part I give it a thumbs up. A detailed post of my feedback is coming soon.

Right now is the busiest part of my work year,
so thanks for sticking with me!


How was your May and Memorial Day?
What races do you have coming up?
Tell me about your favorite birthday celebration!