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  • |style| Breezy black top

    Apr 28, 15 • feature, |style|7 Comments
    |style| Breezy black top

    Cue the messy hair, wrinkled fabric and too-cool top. But there’s no time like the present, even if the present isn’t perfect! I made this breezy black top over the weekend and I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t use patterns when I sew like this, so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The fit here [&hellip...

  • |style| Favorite spring fashion trends

    Apr 13, 15 • |style|18 Comments
    |style| Favorite spring fashion trends

    My favorite style bloggers have all been talking spring fashion trends for weeks. Now that spring is here to stay, I can Pinterest my heart out choosing my favorites – and a few I don’t understand. I may have a few online shopping carts of spring and summer tops hanging around. 1. Palette I’m happy to [&hellip...

  • |style| Stripes and florals

    Mar 2, 15 • |style|14 Comments
    |style| Stripes and florals

    Two things I don’t often do: layer over button-up shirts and mix patterns. // Photos by Jonathan Stephanoff Photography Granted, stripes and florals isn’t a unique pattern pairing. This one I can do with some confidence. Others I struggle with. Like a pair of gray skinnies with small black polka dots. I can’t seem to [&hellip...

  • |style| Gold filigree

    Jan 27, 15 • |style|8 Comments
    |style| Gold filigree

    You know what I love? I love a comfy sweatshirt that looks like I’ve tried without actually trying that hard. I love a bold pattern that needs few accessories. The gold filigree in this top had me feeling self conscious at first, but now I wear it all the time. I love a bold lip. Gloss is my [&hellip...

  • Halp! Searching for fashion advice

    Feb 24, 14 • Life & Lemonade, Social, |style|8 Comments
    Halp! Searching for fashion advice

    YOU GUYS. I have been obsessed lately with fashion blogs and fashion on Pinterest and… the lack of fashion on my wardrobe. Ugh. Normally I don’t care all that much and with limited spare funds for shopping exploits, it’s easier to make do. Plus, my non-fashionista self has an irritatingly hard time selecting and pairing pieces. But! [&hellip...


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