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  • |lunch date| Life in pieces makes a whole

    Sep 5, 15 • feature, |lunch date|4 Comments
    |lunch date| Life in pieces makes a whole

    This has unexpectedly been a summer of change you guys. In June it became clear I needed to leave my budget-strapped nonprofit and I began a serious job search. To say the environment was toxic is an understatement and the last few months only became worse. And let me tell you! Job hunting takes so [&hellip...

  • |lunch date| Creative workouts

    Jun 6, 15 • feature, |lunch date|13 Comments
    |lunch date| Creative workouts

    Since I missed National Donut Day yesterday (gasp! I know, it was hard) let’s meet for brunch at a favorite little bakery for coffee, bagels and donuts. I want it all, right now. Fair warning, I haven’t eaten yet, so you may want to let me take a few bites before we can really visit. [&hellip...

  • |lunch date| A new yoga class

    Mar 7, 15 • |lunch date|11 Comments
    |lunch date| A new yoga class

    It’s a sunny day above freezing. Let’s meet for a lunch date. • We’re moving! In one week to be exact. This weekend starts the packing and cleaning. We’re not moving far; just into a two-bedroom in the next building. It will be the easiest move Jon or I have ever done. Then, in a couple [&hellip...

  • |lunch date| Home purchases make me happy

    Feb 7, 15 • |lunch date|9 Comments
    |lunch date| Home purchases make me happy

    If we met for a lunch date this weekend, I would tell you…   • About my bum foot. It’s finally starting to feel better but I’ve been hobbling around all week. No swelling, no bruising, just severe pain and dramatic loss of motion on my left big toe and ball of my foot. Killer you guys. [&hellip...

  • |lunch date| Own it

    Jan 14, 15 • |lunch date|4 Comments
    |lunch date| Own it

    If we met for lunch today, I would tell you… I am a planner and a dreamer. Though sometimes at odds, the two characteristics keep me balanced between structure and spontaneity. My practical goals mix with out-there ideas, and paired with right people, they create something amazing. Make it look pretty and you have me hook, [&hellip...


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