Balcony garden {}

I so want a garden this year and the spring weather this weekend that is gone by today got me all inspired. A quick pinterest search and I’m FULL of ideas. People have some quite unique things! Here are a few:

Gorgeous, yes??? How’s that for some Monday motivation full of sunshine and bright colors?

I think this year we’ll start a bit simpler than some of these, since neither of us are experienced gardeners. In fact, I think I’ve killed most things I’ve attempted to grow. BUT. I really really really love fresh green stuff, I want at least an herb garden, and some bright fun flowers would be awesome. Our balcony get’s a lot of direct sun so I’ve got some researching to do.

Any gardening tips?
Have you grown a balcony garden?
What’s you favorite thing to grow – or favorite fresh-from-the-garden food?

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Quickie post here because I. Don’t. Have. Time.

I’m overwhelmed. After three months at my job, the last week or two finally decided to dump all that the position entails on my lap.

 • Website maintenance: check.
• Blog and social media management: check.
• Graphic designer: check.
• Work with the printer: check.
• Advertising: check.
• Communication/marketing strategic planning: check.
• Press relations: check.
• Initial 3-month review: this week.
• Numerous random responsibilities plus a bazillion emails: check.

At my last job three staff members were responsible for everything that my current position requires in any given week.

Plus I created several graphics for a friends’ non-profit fundraising event that took every evening last week and most of my weekend and Jon and I will be helping at said event this weekend. Plus his parents are visiting the following weekend and my mom is in town the week after that. Sheesh I need March to be over!

In the midst of all that I’m doing my best to stay active (definitely failed last week). Blogging comes last on the list of priorities unfortunately. But I AM all inspired to make some changes around PPA and have been chipping away at my list. Like fresh colors. Updated workout content. New icons and buttons. And a design section, complete with new branding, coming soon.



If you use feedly or bloglovin’, click the image to follow PPA!
I love feedly myself and yes I did try both before my final decision.

Feedly  Bloglovin


Since I’m out of the loop, what’s new in your worlds??
Are you Team Feedly or Team Bloglovin’?

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Blog Spring Cpeaning {}

I’m blown away by the response to my post about the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video, I am not Dove’s beautiful. This post has been shared more than any I’ve written so far. Thank you for all of the feedback – the questions “what is beautiful and who defines it” are really important ones and I’m glad to see us having the conversation. 🙂

In other news, it’s now May. Spring. A third through the year. Geez Louise how did that happen?

Spring is here which means spring cleaning and lots of fun spring specials. I figured this applies to our blogs, too!

I haven’t announced this much, but I am a trained graphic designer and I enjoy doing blog design on a freelance basis. My current job doesn’t allow me much time for the fun and bright and energetic design stuff that I enjoy most, so working with other bloggers keeps my creative side sane. 🙂

Here are some recent samples:

Crazy Running Legs

Blog design {}


Running & Baking, oh my!

Blog design {}


Now for the exciting part:

In honor of spring, I’m giving 10% off my design packages
to the first 3 bloggers who contact me!

Blog Spring Cpeaning {}

We can also build custom packages, of course, and I’ll give you a final quote after I know the details of what you want. To see the pre–set packages and fill out a form to request a quote, go here.

I’m excited to start some new projects! Happy May, all!


If you could change one thing on your blog, what would it be?

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Easter Best {}

I ditched my long run this weekend due to knee soreness.

Not a lot… but enough to make me very cautious. Taking a few days now when I need it means I hopefully won’t be out for months like last year. Frustrating, but necessary. That’s what I keep telling myself.

DIY Pallet Desk {}Aside from not running, I had a fabulous weekend! Best part: starting a DIY pallet desk project with Jon. We’re using our tax refund to replace Jon’s 7+–year–old computer, so obviously, a new computer means a new desk. I’m excited and we love working on projects like this.

We also got dressed up for Easter and I made my great–grandmother’s coffee cake – seriously the best recipe ever. My family doesn’t make anything else.

Easter Best {}

Great-grandma's Coffee Cake {}

The last few days felt like a stop–and–smell–the–roses weekend and today’s motivation reflects that. Always need a reminder to slow down, right?


Did you do anything exciting for Easter?
How about DIY projects – anyone built a desk or table before?

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The Piano Guys Paradise by Coldplay (Peponi) {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

I love these guys, I love their fun style and I love pretty much all of their arrangements. I had them playing through (again) on YouTube and thought I’d share a few of my favorites.