What should have been a great weekend (and still mostly was) began on a rough note when I realized Friday afternoon I couldn’t find my wallet. Then Jon discovered a fraudulent charge on our credit card. Then too many hours Friday and Saturday were spent on phones and login’s cancelling everything and establishing fraud alerts.

Credit card, debit card, license, metro card, health and car insurance cards, cash…. le sigh*. A long trip to the DMV this week will be the cherry on top.

Fortunately we had gorgeous weather, spent time outside, discovered a new park near us and were invited for dinner with new friends in our neighborhood.

My motivation today is simple. Smiles, beauty, compliments, cutest little ballerina, Zen… just things that make me feel more positive this week.

Hope you had a better weekend than I did
and cheers to a good week!

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•  It feels great (at first).
Especially outside. Fresh air! Sunshine! Breeze and birds and flowers and green! My legs feel great. I can’t totally keep up this pace forever. Maybe I should double the distance I planned to run?

>> 30 seconds later

• It’s hard.
For me, the first mile is especially hard. Miserable. This was the worst decision ever. Wow I can’t breathe, did you forget how to work, lungs? Positive there’s an anti-running ghost pushing against me.

• It’s boring.
That tree looks like every other tree and geez my body aches. Quick! Think about something to distract myself. Where did I leave off last time? I swear I have ongoing story lines for runs. Like opening to a bookmark or a “choose-your-own-adventure” book.

Or I create things. In former lives I must have been an interior decorator/painter/fashion designer/singer because I can create some way cool things in my imagination.

• It’s settling.
Somewhere between wanting to die and being an imaginary exotic princess, my mind quiets. The steady beat of my steps and rhythm of my breathing brings a sense of serenity. Sort of like giving my mind some space. I settled into my pace and let my body work.

• It’s perfect.
I remember why I love this. Maybe love is to simple a word, because this relationship with running is certainly complicated. But right now it’s perfect.


• Oh wait, it’s hard again.
Whaaaat happened? Body, I thought we agreed on this running thing? I’m jerked back to reality. How rude.

I cycle through these a few times throughout a run. Each time I hit the “hard” step I remind myself it will pass. It always passes. I may have to back off some and catch my breath, but it always passes and I remember I enjoy this. I usually try to push myself hard the last half mile or so. Leave it all on the trail (sidewalk/road/etc.)

>> 20 minutes later

• Best sport EVER!
I’ve cooled down, downed a drink and started stretching. Now the endorphin’s kick into high gear. I feel awesome. I am amazing! I should do this all the time. All the miles all the days!

Totally irrelevant; just go with it.
Yes, Mr. Tennant, I will go with you.


Can you relate to this love/hate relationship?
What is your favorite thing about your preferred sport?

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Mostly it’s been in specific terms, like “how do I define my personal style” or “can I still call myself a runner when I’ve been running less and doing other activities more?” Or to get quite personal, “how do I define my life as a personal of faith?”

This has led me to the broader question of how I think of myself. I’ve held many labels: dancer, student, designer, musician, runner, professional. It always leads me to the distinction between what I do and who I am.

I am a runner verses I run.

Are the things I do important enough to define who I am?

I’m not a mom, but I am a partner, sibling, daughter, cousin, etc. I am a working professional, and while I enjoy what I do, I’ve never felt so tied to my work that it defines who I am. Work is something I do, not something I am. Having a blog makes me a blogger, but does that mean I’m a writer? I write a blog verses I am a writer?

To get more abstract, I know I like to take control to the extent that things get done. If I can do something faster or better and I care about it, I’ll probably just take over and cross it off the list. But I’m also laid back enough – or just lazy enough – that many times I’m comfortable with someone else calling the shots and going along for the ride. So I’m not a control freak and I’m not simply easy going.

Obviously I’m still discovering those few things that define who I am, or that I want to define who I am and have some work to do.

The other side to this coin is that I can box myself in or adopt what other people want me to be or try to be someone that I’m not. There is certainly a balance to be found. For me, at least, I thrive when I have an understanding of who I am and who I want to be. I guess it’s about growth; understanding what areas to put energy into and what areas I need to leave alone or walk away from entirely.


How do you define yourself?
How do you make goals of who you want to be or what you want to do?

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Ultimate plank workout {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

I’m actually posting twice in one week. Seems like I haven’t done that much recently. Or maybe I have and I can’t keep track. Entirely possible.

Before I continue, like every other runner blogger everywhere, I must mention the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing (yesterday). It didn’t impact me personally, but I took it personally. Maybe too much so. I was angry. In terms of devastating bombings/shootings/attacks, this one didn’t harm as many people as other notable events – thankfully! It could easily have been SO much worse – but the symbolism of that holiday and that event in that city can’t be missed. This week and next, when runners line up for the 2015 Boston Marathon and fans attend the baseball game and the city of Boston celebrates Patriots’ Day, my thoughts are with everyone impacted by last year’s tragedy.

Beyond that, I’m keeping this post simple.

Plank workout anyone??

I’ve been tweaking this for a few weeks now. There are literally a bazillion plank variations so I rotated through plenty until I settled on my favorite combination. I didn’t want high intensity elements, like mountain climbers or plank jacks; this is about stability and precision of movement.

It kills! In the best way. I have only managed level 2 so far – if any of you make it through level 3 you deserve a serious digital high five. Erm, or something like that.

Ultimate plank workout {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

There are a couple ways to go through this: 1) through each section completely before moving on – i.e. all the full planks, then all the side planks right and left, then all the forearm planks. 2) first variation in each section, then second, and so on. I prefer that way so I’m moving around more. 3) skip the time and count reps. I usually go for 30 reps when I don’t feel like disturbing my zen with a beeping timer.

To add a quick disclaimer, always be conscious of your back when doing plank work. I know everyone says to drop your hips, but it’s easy to drop too far and hurt your back. Better to keep the hips a little high and protect the lower back.

That’s all for today! Happy hump day. Kind of; if it’s a short work week, what does that make Wednesday?

Give this plank workout a try and let me know what you think!
(Or leave a question if the variations don’t make sense).
Do you incorporate planks in your workout routine?

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You guys. I just had the most perfect, do-nothing, lots of golf, 80° weekend.

Friday night was a pizza and movie night. Saturday was a slow relaxing morning, a short run, some time with the weight machine, then The Master’s all afternoon (love it) and another movie evening. Plus I got crafty and pulled apart some old necklaces to make some new pieces.

Sunday was a second (!!!) relaxing morning and a date with David Gregory on Meet The Press. My favorite kind of Sunday morning. Then a walk to the local Ace Hardware for gardening stuff, more golf, blog work and a chill evening.

Not that you’re super interested in every detail of my weekend, but seriously. I was in a tank top, shorts and sandals yesterday. I spent time outside this weekend. I absolutely relaxed. It was amazing.

I’m a little all over the place without a inspirational focus for the week. Keeping it real.

How was your weekend??
How are you being awesome this week?

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