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  • Halp! Searching for fashion advice

    Feb 24, 14 • Life & Lemonade, Social, |style|8 Comments
    Halp! Searching for fashion advice

    YOU GUYS. I have been obsessed lately with fashion blogs and fashion on Pinterest and… the lack of fashion on my wardrobe. Ugh. Normally I don’t care all that much and with limited spare funds for shopping exploits, it’s easier to make do. Plus, my non-fashionista self has an irritatingly hard time selecting and pairing pieces. But! [&hellip...

  • A dark side of health bloggers

    A dark side of health bloggers

    My bubble of “healthy-living bloggers are such a supportive and positive community” was just popped. As happens so often on the internet, I was caught in a rabbit trail that led to me to Get Off My Internets, a forum site dedicated to venting and skewering bloggers. I then spent more time than I want to [&hellip...

  • Ring in 2014 with 14% off blog design!

    Jan 5, 14 • Social4 Comments
    Ring in 2014 with 14% off blog design!

    It’s that time of year. The blogosphere is full of resolutions, fresh starts and new adventures. Personally, I love it. I enjoy reading the 2013 recaps and new 2014 goals. The motivation high of January is inspiring. In that spirit, don’t forget to freshen up your online look! * I’m offering 14% any and all [&hellip...

  • Boxes & sleepovers

    Boxes & sleepovers

    Peeps, today you get a ton of photos. Yay!! Right? Mostly because I did almost zero running this week… so I make up for it with lots of pictures. That’s what good fitness bloggers do, I’m told. • Friday – Monday • Nada. We left town for a Creeps reunion with our closest friends. The planned [&hellip...

  • Are we afraid of gender?

    Are we afraid of gender?

    My question is: am I fine with being identified by my gender when done respectfully or would I prefer gender to stay out of it completely? Apologies up front. I’ve been mulling this over, but my thoughts are rather scattered. This is a little off–topic from my normal fitness stuff, but with distinct difference in [&hellip...


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