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  • |health| On being a gym rat

    Nov 7, 15 • feature, |health|9 Comments
    |health| On being a gym rat

    One perk of the new job is free gym access. I didn’t know about this particular perk when I accepted the position – though it alone is a big selling point for me. I need you to realize how novel this is for me. I’m frugal and all about convenience. I’ve never paid for, and honestly [&hellip...

  • |health| 4 ways to be a morning person

    Jan 22, 15 • feature, |health|12 Comments
    |health| 4 ways to be a morning person

    My mornings were out of control. I had become a regular snoozer, threw together clothes in a rush, some days didn’t have time for breakfast and put off making my lunch until 10 minutes before I ran out the door. I got to work frazzled and getting in a morning workout was out of the [&hellip...

  • Embracing contentment

    Embracing contentment

      You guys, this photo is how I feel today. Content. Peaceful. Does that sound ridiculous? 🙂 I think too rarely do I stop and appreciate these moments. This weekend I said “wow, I feel really content right now” over and over. The last 2 years have brought some big changes and plenty of unknowns, so to feel [&hellip...

  • 7-day reset

    Sep 22, 14 • Health & Fitness, |health|2 Comments
    7-day reset

    Phew! I’m sitting here with achy arms sipping my morning tea and hoping my sore legs don’t last too many days. Considering my recent workout inconsistency, I feel good about what I did this week. And starting today I’m doing a “7 day reset.” The goal is to do something every day for a full week – and hopefully [&hellip...

  • DC touristing, first harvest and BIRTHDAY

    DC touristing, first harvest and BIRTHDAY

    Last weekend we drove to Jon’s family in Ohio. With his parents, brother and SIL, aunt and uncle, cousin and his wife (CIL?) we celebrated four family birthdays and Father’s Day x2. It was a record I’m sure. Guinness? Call me. One meal had three cakes, apple strudel, brownies and ice cream. ONE MEAL. Honestly. It was [&hellip...


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