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Balcony garden

I so want a garden this year and the spring weather this weekend that is gone by today got me all inspired. A quick pinterest search and I’m FULL of ideas. People have some quite unique things! Here are a few: Gorgeous, yes??? How’s that for some Monday motivation full of sunshine and bright colors? […]

Let’s go out

I need to know where this is. Meet me here. The bright colors and sunshine are killing me. I am in serious need of a coffee date. Not because I like coffee. Tea is more my style. But because I need some “friend” time. It’s draining, this whole “new city” thing. Most of my conversations […]

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When motivation hurts

I’m taking my normal “gear myself up for the week” post a different direction today. Let’s talk about some of the harmful motivation on Pinterest and Tumblr and then how we can better evaluate the images we share. As a note, I found all of these images by searching “motivation” on Pinterest. I have purposefully […]

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Halp! Searching for fashion advice

YOU GUYS. I have been obsessed lately with fashion blogs and fashion on Pinterest and… the lack of fashion on my wardrobe. Ugh. Normally I don’t care all that much and with limited spare funds for shopping exploits, it’s easier to make do. Plus, my non-fashionista self has an irritatingly hard time selecting and pairing pieces. But! […]