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|marketing| How to take quality photos

Quality photos can make or break a blog post, even with the best content. Visuals matter, plain and simple. Whether you want to improve your Instagram photography or step up your blog images, there are some standard techniques to apply – phone camera included. 1. Composition The rule of thirds is the key to great composition. […]

|style| Gold filigree

You know what I love? I love a comfy sweatshirt that looks like I’ve tried without actually trying that hard. I love a bold pattern that needs few accessories. The gold filigree in this top had me feeling self conscious at first, but now I wear it all the time. I love a bold lip. Gloss is my […]


|health| 4 ways to be a morning person

My mornings were out of control. I had become a regular snoozer, threw together clothes in a rush, some days didn’t have time for breakfast and put off making my lunch until 10 minutes before I ran out the door. I got to work frazzled and getting in a morning workout was out of the […]

|diy| Coffee table DIY

Let me introduce you to the coffee table I’ve hated for years. The table is a great size, but it was worn and I especially hated the lip on top. Yet Jon and I couldn’t find a new table we both liked. So when I stumbled on this cool idea using paint sticks, I knew it […]

|lunch date| Own it

If we met for lunch today, I would tell you… I am a planner and a dreamer. Though sometimes at odds, the two characteristics keep me balanced between structure and spontaneity. My practical goals mix with out-there ideas, and paired with right people, they create something amazing. Make it look pretty and you have me hook, […]