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|lately| Fresh start

I love new years. I love the adventure and unknowns of something new. I love a fresh start. I love the dreams and anticipation inherent in beginnings. I love the freedom to be, to create, to build. To leave behind the old, only taking what I want into the new. Last January I was so […]

“I’m not pretty enough for them”

“Oh man, this could be weird. I’m not pretty enough to hang out with them.” I followed up that thought by mentally scanning my closet for something that would make me feel more confident. It was easily a full minute before I caught myself. What on EARTH am I doing? Where did that thought come […]


On listening and courage

I’ve been thinking about the concept of listening recently, in two ways: • What does listening look like? How do I do it? • How do I know I am being truly listened to? Because everyone wants to be heard, right? And anyone who knows another well enough to have more than 4.3 arguments is familiar with the back […]


Joy is the best rememdy

Today I’m all about joy. I am decidedly NOT the most cheerful person ever. I can be really happy or really upset, but most of the time my emotions don’t show in a dramatic way. I’m more stoic. {Which, btw, I just looked up: “of or pertaining to the school of philosophy founded by Zeno, […]


Killer planks

I’m actually posting twice in one week. Seems like I haven’t done that much recently. Or maybe I have and I can’t keep track. Entirely possible. Before I continue, like every other runner blogger everywhere, I must mention the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing (yesterday). It didn’t impact me personally, but I took it […]