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Let me introduce you to the coffee table I’ve hated for years. The table is a great size, but it was worn and I especially hated the lip on top. Yet Jon and I couldn’t find a new table we both liked. So when I stumbled on this cool idea using paint sticks, I knew it was destined to be our latest project. Coffee table diy, here I come!

Because, hey, if it didn’t work or we didn’t like it, I’d still get a new table.

• Worn, battered and just tired. Legs already off for sanding:

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

• We experimented with Liquid Sander for the first time. I’m not sure I’ll ever sand something without it again! It stripped the top “glossy” layer completely and softened the stain enough to finish up with sandpaper. No electric sander needed.

The areas I planned to paint received a light sanding while Jon did a more thorough sanding on the areas to be re-stained:

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

Painting! (Clearly we didn’t do this in January). We have lots of natural tones in our living space, so I wanted a pop of color on the table. A small sample jar of paint did the trick:

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

• Building the top. Jon basically took over from here. After four trips to Home Depot collecting enough paint sticks, Jon sawed off the handle ends and gave them a light sand. Then he trimmed out the lip of the table for a perfect fit. I stained the edges of the table top and stained the paint sticks in three different tones (not pictured).

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

• Next was simply putting a puzzle together. Jon used liquid nails to glue the sticks down in a pattern we laid out ahead of time. We discovered liquid nails tended to warp the sticks a bit, so he glued them in smaller sections and stacked lots of old text books as they dried.

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

Done! The last steps were attaching the legs again and applying several coats of polyurethane. The coffee table returned to it’s place and now I LOVE it. I mean really love it. It’s exactly our style: rustic, funky and a project done together.

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

{Piloting Paper Airplanes} Coffee table diy, furniture renovation

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12 Responses to |diy| Coffee table DIY

  1. Wow! That looks incredible! I am not handy at all with refurbishing things and I really admire works like that. Great idea, Larissa!
    Debbie Rodrigues recently posted…Fit Friday: Take Your Intake SeriouslyMy Profile

    • LarissaDaltonS says:

      Thanks Debbie! Most of our projects have been experiments and we’ve been lucky they turned out well. Plus I’m fortunate to have a handy partner who collects tools. 🙂

  2. Wow, what a transformation!! You are really talented, I have no artistic ability whatsoever and first, would never had thought to do that to the table, but then couldn’t have executed it anyways! HA! Awesome job!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…2015 Reading ChallengeMy Profile

  3. LarissaDaltonS says:

    Why thank you! I don’t go out of my way looking for projects (most days) but when inspiration hits, I roll with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Believe me, I’ve tossed plenty of sewing experiments that I wouldn’t wear anywhere ever. Ha!

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