I’ve been thinking about the concept of listening recently, in two ways:

• What does listening look like? How do I do it?

• How do I know I am being truly listened to?

Because everyone wants to be heard, right? And anyone who knows another well enough to have more than 4.3 arguments is familiar with the back and forth “you’re not really listening to me!” “Yes, I am listening, you’re not hearing me.”

Or, if you’re a confidant and a friend shares with you drama with their partner/friend/co-working/etc., it’s often easier to see where the parties involved aren’t truly hearing each other.

So we are good at spotting when someone else isn’t listening. Not so good at realizing it about ourselves.

I think listening takes a lot of courage. It’s hard to stop talking. It’s hard to not make your point. It’s hard to hear something you think is wrong and not correct it. It’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s hard to face something you want to ignore. It’s hard to be wrong. It’s hard to walk away when necessary.

Just some musings from the last few days. I’m challenged to listen more. To think outside myself more. To trust my instincts more.

What do you think?
Does listening take courage?
Do you think you listen well or are listened to?

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    • LarissaDaltonS
      LarissaDaltonS says:

      So hard not to take things personally. Probably just as hard to put yourself in another’s place and understand if you’re hurting them. Sigh* The intent means something right? We’ll never be perfect at this, but we’re working to be aware.

    • LarissaDaltonS
      LarissaDaltonS says:

      Do you go home and feel like “Ok, now it’s time for someone to listen to ME.” I imagine that social work would be a very draining profession. Hopefully very rewarding as well. You have my utmost respect, doing what you do!


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