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  • |inspiration| The chaos of creativity

    Jul 16, 15 • feature, |inspiration|3 Comments
    |inspiration| The chaos of creativity

    Why is it that inspiration always – and I do mean always – comes as I’m getting ready in the morning or on my walk to work? Moments when I can’t jot some notes in a post draft. “I’ll do it when I get to work,” I always say. “All I need is 3 minutes [&hellip...

  • |reflect| The courage to be honest with confidence

    Apr 22, 15 • |reflect|16 Comments
    |reflect| The courage to be honest with confidence

    Hi! This will be a bit of a rambler post – apologies in advance. I’ve been musing on this for a while and haven’t quite found the flow to write about it… so I think I’m trying too hard. Here are my thoughts in all their un-finessed glory. I was first challenged by this post titled “I’m [&hellip...

  • |reflect| We must take our bodies back

    |reflect| We must take our bodies back

    By now you all know how important body confidence and a healthy self-image are to me. This post hit me square in the face this morning, and instead of writing about it, I’ve simply copied my favorite parts and you can read the rest should you choose. I can’t say this better or with more experience than [&hellip...

  • “I’m not pretty enough for them”

    Jun 25, 14 • Life & LemonadeNo Comments
    “I’m not pretty enough for them”

    “Oh man, this could be weird. I’m not pretty enough to hang out with them.” I followed up that thought by mentally scanning my closet for something that would make me feel more confident. It was easily a full minute before I caught myself. What on EARTH am I doing? Where did that thought come [&hellip...

  • Joy is the best rememdy

    Joy is the best rememdy

    Today I’m all about joy. I am decidedly NOT the most cheerful person ever. I can be really happy or really upset, but most of the time my emotions don’t show in a dramatic way. I’m more stoic. {Which, btw, I just looked up: “of or pertaining to the school of philosophy founded by Zeno, [&hellip...


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