Piloting Paper Airplanes is a simple collection of commentary on my personal journey of health – physical, emotional and spiritual. I am an avid proponent of a holistic approach to health and shy away from the latest “fitness trends to finally get the perfect body.” You know the type.

About the blog {Piloting Paper Airplanes}I explore perspectives on body image, living without guilt and learning to love the reflection in my mirror. I am a runner and yogi and I love the outdoors. I dabble in the occasional recipe and want to try my hand at organic gardening. I am 99.5% vegetarian and we shop local and organic as much as we can afford. We recycle or reuse everything possible. You can read more of my “fit story” here.

PPA is about full-being well-being. About striving for balance that works for us and about you finding your own balance. About living in the present while working toward healthy goals. About positive self-talk and growing into a better person.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Behind the title
Piloting Paper Airplanes denotes both a lively and curious side, as well as a pensive or determined aspect. Paper airplanes are in themselves fun and random, while piloting a plane is a complex task. Attempting to pilot a paper airplane, however, is both amusing and nearly impossible. This represents the randomness of life and our inability to control it.

The posts I write here range from lighthearted to serious, and the title seeks to represent that variety.

A little about me

© 2012 Jonathan Stephanoff

I am a communication coordinator for a busy non-profit in the D.C. area. My roots are in upstate New York and I spent nearly 10 years in Missouri where I earned my Bachelors and Master’s degrees in journalism. I have a passion for advocacy journalism: human rights, conflict mediation and peace-driven reporting are just a few of my interests.

My creative side comes out with graphic design. I’ve always needed an artsy outlet, and freelance design offers the perfect opportunity and variety. Learn more here!

Day to day, I just like to have fun. I love trail runs, Steelers football, dance parties and Doctor Who.


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6 replies
    • LarissaDaltonS
      LarissaDaltonS says:

      Thanks for this and sorry for the very late reply! The last month at work has been busy with a conference and moving, and I just finished my half marathon… so my training schedule is a little less hectic now. I’ll post mine soon!

  1. Amber
    Amber says:

    We share very similar mindsets, I love your holistic approach to health as well, and am an avid promoter of self love xoxo positive vibes to you my new friend

    • Jimbo
      Jimbo says:

      Am I the only one who’s infuriated by the likes of her who are born in the US, having nothing to do with Israel they move there and before you know it th&e#y8217;re dictating to the native Palestinians – who are under a military occupation – their future? It strikes me as arrogantly racist.


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