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  • |lunch date| Life in pieces makes a whole

    Sep 5, 15 • feature, |lunch date|4 Comments
    |lunch date| Life in pieces makes a whole

    This has unexpectedly been a summer of change you guys. In June it became clear I needed to leave my budget-strapped nonprofit and I began a serious job search. To say the environment was toxic is an understatement and the last few months only became worse. And let me tell you! Job hunting takes so [&hellip...

  • Foray into trail running

    Foray into trail running

    To continue the theme of change and new things, Saturday was my first real trail run. And what the heck; my first might as well be a race. It was awesome and different and an adventure and will not be the last trail run I do. In fact, it may be the beginning of a [&hellip...


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