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  • |health| On being a gym rat

    Nov 7, 15 • feature, |health|9 Comments
    |health| On being a gym rat

    One perk of the new job is free gym access. I didn’t know about this particular perk when I accepted the position – though it alone is a big selling point for me. I need you to realize how novel this is for me. I’m frugal and all about convenience. I’ve never paid for, and honestly [&hellip...

  • |lunch date| Life in pieces makes a whole

    Sep 5, 15 • feature, |lunch date|4 Comments
    |lunch date| Life in pieces makes a whole

    This has unexpectedly been a summer of change you guys. In June it became clear I needed to leave my budget-strapped nonprofit and I began a serious job search. To say the environment was toxic is an understatement and the last few months only became worse. And let me tell you! Job hunting takes so [&hellip...

  • |lately| This is me

    Apr 6, 15 • |lately|13 Comments
    |lately| This is me

    This is me, friends. A woman who lives by a to-do list, but isn’t afraid to ignore it when needed. Even the blog calendar. I haven’t felt this happy to write a post in a long time as I do right now. It’s been a crazy few weeks and I’ve missed it! Getting up this morning, [&hellip...

  • |lunch date| Home purchases make me happy

    Feb 7, 15 • |lunch date|9 Comments
    |lunch date| Home purchases make me happy

    If we met for a lunch date this weekend, I would tell you…   • About my bum foot. It’s finally starting to feel better but I’ve been hobbling around all week. No swelling, no bruising, just severe pain and dramatic loss of motion on my left big toe and ball of my foot. Killer you guys. [&hellip...

  • Let’s go out

    Mar 5, 14 • Life & Lemonade2 Comments
    Let’s go out

    I need to know where this is. Meet me here. The bright colors and sunshine are killing me. I am in serious need of a coffee date. Not because I like coffee. Tea is more my style. But because I need some “friend” time. It’s draining, this whole “new city” thing. Most of my conversations [&hellip...


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