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  • |health| On being a gym rat

    Nov 7, 15 • feature, |health|9 Comments
    |health| On being a gym rat

    One perk of the new job is free gym access. I didn’t know about this particular perk when I accepted the position – though it alone is a big selling point for me. I need you to realize how novel this is for me. I’m frugal and all about convenience. I’ve never paid for, and honestly [&hellip...

  • |health| 4 ways to be a morning person

    Jan 22, 15 • feature, |health|12 Comments
    |health| 4 ways to be a morning person

    My mornings were out of control. I had become a regular snoozer, threw together clothes in a rush, some days didn’t have time for breakfast and put off making my lunch until 10 minutes before I ran out the door. I got to work frazzled and getting in a morning workout was out of the [&hellip...

  • I will play outside

    I will play outside

    Hello! Happy hump day! Happy national running day! It’s beautiful outside – albeit getting toasty already – and I’m up bright and early to work at the yoga studio. My alarm going off 2 hours early is a little painful, but I’m actually enjoying these peaceful mornings. My walk to the studio takes me through [&hellip...

  • Goals shmoals: I hate resolutions

    Goals shmoals: I hate resolutions

    If you know me, or you’ve read Piloting Paper Airplanes for more than a hot second, you know that headline is a lie. While we’re at it, you might also know that I really don’t like lying. I have trouble telling the smallest lie and I’m not good at it, so I rarely attempt it. (Plus, you [&hellip...

  • Top 5 Fitness Goals

    Top 5 Fitness Goals

    If you know me at all, or have read this blog for more than 2.82 days, you will know how much I like lists. Here are some new health and fitness goals for the next few months. Monday’s workout: This plyometric HIIT workout from Brad Gouthro, ~ 20 min., 541 reps | This Pilates ab workout [&hellip...


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