What are you willing to struggle for?

I think this was the most perfect weekend ever. Seriously.

It started with a relaxing 3–mile walk with Jon on Friday evening and heading to bed at a normal (i.e. not weekend) hour. Then I was up and energized much earlier than normal for a Saturday morning. And hour later I had read some Women’s Running in bed, enjoyed 30 minutes of yoga made my tea and was sitting down for some blog reading. All before Jon got up, which for a weekend in my house, is amazing.

Then I had a great 5 mile run in perfect 53 degree weather, followed by an afternoon coffee shop date and a quick grocery run. Sunday we were snowed in by yet another winter storm, so we listened to a podcast, watched a movie, worked on graphic stuff… all around just the perfect relaxing weekend.

I also stepped on my scale for a bi–monthly weight check and saw the lowest number in ages. More proof that when I focus on my health, my strength and how I feel, that number tends to take care of itself.

And so as I head into a snowy week 3 of half–marathon training, today’s motivation is all about goals.

Set ’em, work for them, fight for them, knock them out of the park.

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