A week in the yoga studio

First: there is a yoga studio in my office building.

Second: it, and the four instructors I’ve had class with thus far, are fabulous.

Third: last week was “preview week,” so all classes were only $5. I took four.

Fourth: this was the first time in years I’ve taken a studio class. I’ve been pretty strictly a home yogi. (Let’s talk about the cost of studio classes). Even so, I received some pretty great feedback that made me feel like a home yogi rock star.

Five: the first bummer. I can’t sign up for the winter/spring session just now. Jon isn’t working yet and it’ll be a bit before the bank account recovers from a cross-country move ($$$$!). BUT the studio does offer a discount for people in the building and I will enroll when I can.

So! I had a great week with lots of yoga… but no running. Got to get in a few this week!

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Any great runs or fabulous classes over the weekend?
Do you prefer studio classes of any kind or to work out at home?

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9 Responses to A week in the yoga studio

  1. Great job with all the yoga. Since the holidays, my yoga practice has dropped, but my work gym just started offering yoga 2x a week and I am SO excited. I am going to a lunchtime yoga class today. I love taking yoga in a studio, but it can be REALLY pricey. I’m glad my work gym offers classes for free and I am trying to find good home alternatives, like youtube videos.
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Boston Marathon Training: Week 2 UpdateMy Profile

    • LarissaDaltonS says:

      NICE!! So awesome to have that gym resource with your job. Search for Erin Motz’s 30 day yoga videos if you haven’t tried them yet… those are some of my favorites when I don’t want an “instructor” at home.

  2. Ashley says:

    I would love to take an actual yoga class, but we live in a very rural area, so I just practice at home. I like the freedom of being alone, but I also could probably use some instruction on my form…
    Ashley recently posted…Comment on Polar Vortex, Bloglovin’, and Scary Siri by Sarah @ How My World RunsMy Profile

    • LarissaDaltonS says:

      Good news is the instructors were impressed at my level with only a home practice. So we’re doing something worthwhile on our own! I hear ya though; it was nice to have the feedback and adjustments of in-studio classes.

  3. Jenn says:

    Wow! That is incredibly convenient to have a studio in the office building like that! I hope you are to take full advantage soon!
    Jenn recently posted…taking stock for ZOOMA FloridaMy Profile

  4. I really do enjoy studio classes for most of my workouts! I just enjoy the group environment. That’s awesome that you had that yoga offering at work, too bad you won’t be able to keep going. I’m a complete yoga noob…ironically I think that’s the only class where I feel too self-conscious!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…To the Market: Meal Planning and Food ShoppingMy Profile

    • LarissaDaltonS says:

      Interesting…. I very rarely notice anyone else in a yoga class. At least I didn’t this last week. Too much time bending different ways and trying not to fall!

  5. Great information. Yoga is for all ages and intentions. All what do you need for practice yoga is the intention. Wonderful design arts.
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