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  • Gladiator recap!

    Mar 13, 13 • Health & Fitness2 Comments
    Gladiator recap!

    Has it only been four days since the race?? Feels like forever ago. But this week has already been stressful after two rough weeks and two fun but busy weekends, so I’m having trouble staying on top of things. Back to the race. It was a blast!! It was the perfect level of challenge at [&hellip...

  • Commit, compete, complete

    Mar 11, 13 • Health & Fitness8 Comments
    Commit, compete, complete

    We did it! The Gladiator run was awesome. Challenging and dirty and comfort–zone busting. We had a blast. I’ll gather a few photos and post more about it later in the week; in the meantime, today’s motivation is focused on finishing. The was my second or third race ever (it’s been so long I can’t [&hellip...

  • Fit Friday… sort of. Gladiator race is tomorrow!

    Mar 8, 13 • Health & Fitness4 Comments
    Fit Friday… sort of. Gladiator race is tomorrow!

    Life is crazy! My office is nuts right now prepping for a conference, and though little of the work directly affects me (is that a hallelujah chorus I hear?) the environment is stress. I’m in the middle of several freelance jobs. I’m trying to move two of my sites to our server. P.S. If things go [&hellip...

  • Imma be a gladiator

    Mar 4, 13 • Health & Fitness2 Comments
    Imma be a gladiator

    I miss running. It has been over a week – or nearly two?? – since I’ve hit the pavement. And I’ve grumbled enough about the blasted snow… now I’m just sad. I miss it. And I’m getting nervous because in one week I am running the Gladiator race. It’s gonna be awesome and I have [&hellip...

  • Always wanted to be gladiator

    Jan 31, 13 • Health & Fitness6 Comments
    Always wanted to be gladiator

    Gasp…* I just registered for The Gladiator in March! To give you an idea why this is slightly terrifying, the race is “one of the most grueling, most epic, most fun-filled events ever held!”  It is a 5 – 7 mile course with 30+ “extreme” obstacles, including “the one and only Coliseum.” “The Gladiator courses are designed [&hellip...


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