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  • Conquer treadmill run boredom

    Conquer treadmill run boredom

    If you’ve spent more than 3.72 minutes on a treadmill, you know the struggle. Those 3.72 minutes feel like ages. If you like to read (how?? My eyes can’t focus on the words!) or have a TV, count your blessings. Here are some tips for the rest of us resigned to staring at the display [&hellip...

  • I just beast moded 13.1

    May 22, 13 • Family, Health & Fitness20 Comments
    I just beast moded 13.1

    I keep telling myself “you’re a half marathoner!” I did it. About three years after I did my first half mary training program with no intention of completing a race, just improving my running…. less than a year after I worked through a half training again, worked up to 10 miles and then seriously injured [&hellip...

  • I did it!

    May 20, 13 • Health & Fitness6 Comments
    I did it!

    Three years in the making, and I finally ran a half marathon. It was tough and it was awesome and I will totally do it again. I’ll write details on Wednesday, complete with pictures from my long–suffering photographer husband who got up at 4:30 am and spent his entire morning on race–related stuff. Wouldn’t have [&hellip...

  • Go Girl Run!

    May 17, 13 • Health & Fitness19 Comments
    Go Girl Run!

    When this post is published, there were exactly 24 hours from being half way through my first half marathon! I’m nervous. I said that on Monday and it’s more true now. I feel like the last 3 years of my running life are culminating here and I just want it to be over. To say [&hellip...

  • T–minus 6 days!

    May 13, 13 • Health & Fitness14 Comments
    T–minus 6 days!

    This Saturday I will run my first half marathon. It’s going to be painfully slow, even for me. I already know that. Working through last year’s injuries, being extra careful to avoid more pain and retraining my running form has me not in good enough shape for my original time goal. But hey, it’s about [&hellip...


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