Last week was quiet in the blog world. My feedly was noticeably sparse and I missed you all! I hope everyone was getting over the last bout of winter blues and is excited for a warmer week. I see clouds and some rain on my forecast, but seriously, I’ll take those temperatures with pleasure.


Also, organize love! I chose the cover, colors, text on the inside cover (always a reminder to be fabulous!), and the “widgets” that appear on the weekly pages. Seriously you guys. For us need-to-be-organized-or-life-falls-apart AND us need-to-have-control types, designing your own planner is heaven.

planner1planner3 planner2

As the weather is beginning the transition to spring *crossing fingers it sticks* my motivation this week is inspired by change. It’s a season of new growth and discovery! For many of us right now is when we kick it in high gear for summer bodies.

I write a lot, and talk more if you know me, about loving your body today, as it is right now. About the hugely negative impact on our emotions and health that body hatred has. But I also don’t want to leave people feeling guilty because they aren’t happy with how they look and struggle finding that place of confidence.

A journey toward better health is always positive. Taking care of your body is positive. Losing weight if you need to is positive. Gaining weight if you need to is positive. Increasing muscle is positive. The problems arise when we put too many of our “happiness and confidence” eggs into one basket.

I love loving my legs and feeling great in shorts or a short skirt. On the other hand, in the height of summer heat, you better believe I’m wearing those shorts even if I don’t feel the greatest in them!

Start from a positive place and speak love to yourself every day and especially the days you feel “fat” or “frumpy” or “bloated.” Have healthy and achievable goals. Work hard and cut yourself some slack on the off days. Celebrate your progress!

Anyway, that was a little more than I planned to say. Oops. 🙂

Do you practice positive “self talk”?
What do you have planned this week?

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