Homemade salsa, yoga, wine walk, runs

Jogging it down: my week in review {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

First and most important above all other important and meaningful things from the week: We made salsa for the first time! The not–so–important part is that we don’t love the recipe and have some changes to make for next time. BUT it was exciting and still delicious and quite nice to have our own. Plus, nearly all the ingredients are organic or grown by friends. Can’t beat it. Well, we can beat it, after we make changes for the next batch.

Onward! I had another great week of yoga and balance posture successes. It’s always nice to say I achieved something at the end of a week. I also laced up the trainers finally for a run with Jon Friday evening. We are both doing a trail race end of the month, so I guess that means we need to get out some before then.

But…. it’s STILL SO HOT! Oh wait. This weekend is cooler and beautiful. Runs have and will happen!

Also, let’s talk about that fact that it’s basically fall (and still really hot here, but that’s not the point). The point is that I love fall. It’s gorgeous weather. I love pumpkin everything, I love chunky sweaters and boots without big coats and gloves, I love hay rides and bonfires and Holloween. What I don’t love is winter. And fall means winter is coming. Game of Thrones Stark reference intended there. Anyway, fall is a bittersweet season for me that leaves my emotions in a constant bipolar state. It’s exhausting.

I’m finished with that little venting aside, so here’s what my week looked like:


• 3–mile commute, walk.
• 90:00 Yoga. I took a lot of time and really enjoyed it. Spent a fair amount of time practicing balance postures. Finally felt good in Crane Pose and held it for a few seconds, plus held a Headstand off the wall for 5 seconds. It’s the little things.


• 3–mile commute, walk.
• 40:00 Yoga. Shorter workout. Again I finished with balances: Crane is steady and I can hold it confidently! The Headstand I held for 9 counts – couldn’t quite get 10 – and I’m feeling much stronger in Firefly.


• 3–mile commute, walk.
• 20:00 Yoga. I essentially took the evening off with a light flow to loosen up tension. September 11 is always a tough day for me and I wanted a break.

I made this graphic 5 years ago, found it recently and shared it on Instagram this week. It’s not a great one, but it’s still meaningful to me. The flowers represent the two towers. The small numbers are the times: first plane crashed into the Trade Center, second planes crashed into the Trade Center, third plane crashed into the Pentagon, South Tower collapsed, fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania, and North tower collapsed. The large number is total casualties. I read a quote that the ability to mourn those we’ve never met is one thing that sets us apart from animals. I would add our ability to remember those we’ve lost as well.


• 60:00 Yoga. Jon joined me for the first 15 minutes or so, too. I really focused on my hips and legs after feeling quite cramped at work all day. Such a difference afterward!


• 3–mile commute, walk.
• 3–mile run after work with Jon. Not timed. Haven’t run regularly in a while; this felt great!
• Caught up on the #FirForFall challenge Days 11 – 13 with 200 squats, 60 pushups and 5:00 plank (I split the plank into 2:00 front, 1:00 each side & 1:00 reverse – surprisingly hard!).
• 30:00 Yoga. Focused mostly on my hips and legs after the run.


• 100 sit ups for #FitForFall.
• Wine walk ladies night out. Ok, not exactly a “workout,” but we did walk some.


How have you enjoyed beautiful weather this weekend?
It’s a race weekend! Did you race?

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  1. yum – homemade salsa!! I am loooving Fall! But lamenting winter around the corner from that :-/
    Mar @ Mar on the Run! recently posted…A Week in Workouts and Good Eating!My Profile

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