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Stephanoff Media, website, graphic design, project quote {}
You want your brand to make a statement. You want it to truly reflect your business or blog. You have experimented on your own and can’t quite make it right.

We can get you there!

Stop struggling with a logo that doesn’t reflect you. Stop fighting the headaches from CSS and HTML gibberish. Stop wishing your website had the fancy functionality of other sites. Stop only hoping your social media or email campaigns will work.

It’s time to invest in your brand. Get a project quote today.


What we can do for you

We can provide everything you need for a well-rounded brand. Why is strong, consistent branding important? You have about 5 – 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention. Hours of work on your website can go to waste if you don’t have unique branding and thoughtful organization to keep visitors engaged. There is lots of research behind what works and why… and in our digital world this is constantly changing!

You don’t have time to do the research, build a strong brand and implement the best-for-you marketing strategies. That’s where we come in. We create a brand identity that reflects you and your business and goals. Are you a blogger wanting to grow within your niche? A local business wanting to expand? A non-profit organization wanting to increase support? Your goals are unique to you; we build the structure to support those goals.

You have to ask yourself: what is my brand worth? Where can a strong brand take my business? 

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Custom packages available for all services. Build your project for custom pricing.


Meet the team



Check out Jon’s photography website.

“I dabbled in various forms of creative expression, but it was my first graphic design course that finally clicked for me. I was already a writer and now I could communicate visually, too. I am a communicator by trade. My bachelor’s is in advertising and public relations; my master’s is in journalism from the University of Missouri.  I write stories, grow social media communities and increase user engagement. I have created logos, branding and websites for bloggers, companies and non-profits alike.” “Photography is about more than a picture; it documents and preserves that time, or place, or person. It is this frame of exploration that I bring to every subject I photograph. I honed my skills through earning a master’s degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri.  I consider designing websites a form of visual creation. My goal is to create a website that visually represents your goals while leading visitors through a user-friendly and interactive experience.” 


Project planner

These details will help us understand what you need to take your brand to the next level. Whether you just want new social media graphics or you want a complete website paired with a monthly email campaign, all projects are welcome. We can’t wait to work with you!