Unravelling The Year Ahead 2013 Susannah Conway

I’ve gone through this Unravelling The Year Ahead 2013 workbook and it has been a cathartic experience. It spends some time reviewing 2012, and then really breaks down the coming year.

Unravelling The Year Ahead 2013 Susannah Conway

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It’s pretty personal – not just outward goals, like job advancement and such, but inward goals, like letting go of things, forgiveness, etc. Because of that, I won’t share a lot from my workbook, but I do want to write out a few things. And encourage you do spent a little time on this yourself. *hint hint*

Let’s start with my top achievements in 2012:

  • Getting married! Obviously.
  • Launching my blog in June.
  • Starting our business, dot.Dalton. Still working on the website, so the launch is not official yet, but we have already done a few projects, so we’re on our way.
  • Gaining a better understanding of what my body needs regarding health and fitness.

On to some challenges in 2012:

  • Wedding was by FAR the biggest. The planning, the extreme financial stress, the family drama, etc. I am so glad that event is over. I keep telling myself that when we get farther away from the stress of that event, I’ll be able to look back and enjoy the photos and memories much more. I think we’re still effected by too much of the negative to fully appreciate the fun and excitement of the day.
  • Finances. We have been stretched beyond our means for six months. It’s not just wedding, it’s holiday travel (out-of-state from both families who rarely visit us), it’s our closest friends being in another city (again, who rarely come here). It’s paying extra on school debt because we really want that gone. It’s staying in an apartment that works fine, but is not ideal, because it’s inexpensive. It’s not being able to go out on dates or to see movies because we have to pay for things like a wedding and the holidays.I feel like I’m complaining a lot on this one, but the reality is that finances has been a big stress for us… and it often feels like the people closest to us don’t really get that. The first step toward healing is understanding the problem, right? This workbook has helped me realize how much hurt has come from this whole finances issue, so now I can work on releasing that stress and hurt.
  • Job. There are many great things I can say about my job. There are also the hard things I can say. (I’m pretty sure everyone has troubled things at work, regardless how good the job is). All I will say here is that there have enough frustrations to put this on my challenges list. I’m still growing and learning the best way to deal with things.

Describe 2012 in 3 words:

  • Change | Growth | Challenge

My 2012 conclusion?

  • There have been a ton of great things this year. I got married, and if we got back 13 months, I also graduated with my master’s degree! I started this blog that has grown so much in just six months; we’re launching a business; my running has gotten much more serious and I’ve improved a lot.I have also realized that 2012 is marred by quite a bit of stress, and I am SO ready to move on from this year! Time to peace out start fresh in 2013!

My word to “live by” in 2013:

  • Possibility.
  • Four more words to support “Possibility:”
    • Strength | Explore | Forgiveness | Stability

2013 in “threes.” There are more sets than these here, but I don’t want to give too much away. I want you to explore this workbook yourself too.

  • 3 things I positively love about myself: self–confidence, physical strength, protectiveness.
  • 3 things about myself I’m ready to let go of: emotional “blocking,” comparison, guilt.
  • 3 passions to explore more: running, blogging, ebooks and design (Ok, four things).
  • 3 ways to better connect with loved one: write more cards, be better at regular calls, visits? (this is a hard one, since most people don’t live in the same city, but we can try).

My favorite question from this workbook:

  • What is your secret wish for 2013?
    • I wrote something pretty bold…. but it’s a secret. Not for the blog.

My favorite activity from the workbook:

  • Writing a letter to myself from myself three years in the future. Three years is long enough to make a big difference on my goals, but still close enough for some of the challenges to be relevant. This was really interesting to write. (Also not for the blog. 🙂 )

As I said, this workbook is really really good, and I strongly encourage you to go through it yourself. I did it in two sittings, but you could easily do it in one. It probably takes 1 – 2 hours to complete. Print it out, make some coffee or tea, put on some nice background music, and go through it.

I know I discovered a lot about how I felt about 2012; it definitely surprised me how much stress and hurt I truly carry from the year. I now also feel like I’m ready to begin 2013! I’ve begun to address things from the past year, and I have goals for the coming year. This workbook is a cathartic and energizing experience. Don’t miss out!

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