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Yes, I’ve taken a 2-month impromptu break from bogging. Yes, I’ve been fairly inactive on my social media during that time. Yes, I know this is pretty horrible behavior for a blogger.

Yes, it’s really OK. 🙂

I needed the break. I needed to not think about posts or worry about stats. I needed to step away from Twitter. I needed to stress less about doing workouts so that I would have something to write about, not because I wanted to.

In the last 2 months, we have:

• spent a long weekend in NYC with some favorite people,
• had a cousin from Texas visit,
• gone to another cousin’s wedding in Upstate New York,
• had family here for a week,
• enjoyed cookouts with friends,
• celebrated our second anniversary,
• connected with a fabulous woman I danced with in high school, who is now traveling with The Lion King (which we saw and she took us backstage),
• done some serious hiking,
• read a LOT of books (and kept up with my Feedly!),
• completed the single largest annual work project I have (after this first year subsequent rounds should be a little less crazy!),
• spent 9/11 on the National Mall and went up in the Washington Monument,
• Jon officially completed his master’s degree,
• and I have continued to work a few hours per week at the yoga studio.

Favorite shoulder stretch of the summer.


I feel like I’ve had a busy summer. I also feel like I’ve truly enjoyed it without the pressure of social media. Because let’s face it, blogging is pressure! I had started to enjoy it less and stress more. Red flag!

The first couple weeks off I stressed even more about not posting. “But… but… I just really need to get something up. Wait, I don’t have time to write something good with this work project swamping me. Just post something Larissa!”

And then I decided throwing a post up on my little corner of the internet was not how I want to blog. Disappearing for a bit, while still not the best habit, was the more honest true-to-myself thing to do.

Also, this happened. First time holding headstand more than a foot from a wall!


Now I’m ready to dive back in and reconnect with the fabulous bloggers I know and love. Jon asked the other day “Are you going to start writing again? Because you enjoyed it for so long.”

Yes, I am ready to come back to my blog now, refreshed and excited.

Have you ever taken time off blogging?
Why, and how did you get back into it?

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    • LarissaDaltonS
      LarissaDaltonS says:

      Thanks! I’ve been working on my inversions a lot this summer. I can tell when I go a while without practicing though. Now I just need to get back into regular running along with my yoga!


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