A little bit of everything

Hangout, relax time, yoga class, HIIT workouts, a run… maybe a bike ride coming. I did everything this week.

Saturday + Sunday

• I got lazy, y’all. Saturday afternoon/evening we were at a cookout and I didn’t want to get up early enough to workout and be ready before hand. Sunday I napped on the couch to French Open tennis. #sorrynotsorry


• My first yoga class at my new yoga home!
Yoga II with Rick on Monday evenings. You don’t know Rick, of course, but he’s lovely. And I suppose different studios have different class level designations, so I’ll tell you that yoga II is the solid intermediate class at Willow Street. I wasn’t sure if I should start with I/II or II, but after chatting with some staff about the postures I can do comfortably, we decided II was the best fit. And after class #1, I made the right choice. I felt worked out and challenged, but nothing was overwhelming and I had no problem doing anything. And we worked handstands. On day one. In love.

I have to say I’m proud to be starting at this level, seeing as I haven’t taken studio classes in, like… ages. Home practice, ftw!


• HIIT + weights, 45:00
Two Melissa Bender videos. This one twice through for cardio HIIT work and this one twice through for weights. AKA upper body killer. My arms were seriously shaking by the time I finished, and I’m still sore this morning. #success

Melissa Bender Fitness {BenderFitness.com}

P.S. This is not me. This is Melissa Bender. Performing my current most hated (i.e. necessary) exercise. Hamstrings!!! So much silent cursing doing these…



• Rest day and a long phone date with a bestie.


• 30:00 jog, 20:00 lower body strength
So remember a while ago I talked about a park with ahh.mazing workout equipment? I keep going down there without my phone, and thus don’t have a photo to show you, but trust me… it’s the best park/out door equipment I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, we jogged a neighborhood loop to the park. Don’t know how far it was, don’t really care. I just wanted about 30:00 minutes of cardio. Plus twice up  and down some stairs (maybe 30 steps?). Then this:

• 20 squats on balance disk
• 10 single-leg squats each leg, on balance disk
• 10 box jumps
• 20 box step-ups + knee lift
• 10 each leg “warrior III”/airplane/T-lift on balance beam
•  10 single-leg squats each leg on balance beam


I don’t have real workout plans this weekend. We’re going to be busy the next few weekends, so I want to do something fun with Jon before the weather get’s scorching. We’re can’t decide between a long bike ride to explore local trails or going to Library of Congress – my favorite museum in D.C. but Jon hasn’t been there yet.

Anything exciting this weekend?
What would you choose: bike ride or museum?

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2 Responses to A little bit of everything

  1. Pam says:

    Nice week of workouts. It sounds like the new Yoga studio is going to work out well for you. I have been busy watching the French Open on TV and look forward to the men’s final on Sunday. My weekend includes a Half Marathon in Asheville….it will be hilly which is a first for me since I live at the beach in NC!
    Pam recently posted…Friday Five: This summer I will:My Profile

  2. I love hearing what workouts you do! Hmm.. perhaps bike to the museum? 😉 My weekend plans included yardsaling this morning. Although, my allergies had different plans upon 5 seconds of setting foot outside. Hoping to be less watery-eyed and sneezing to go on a picnic tomorrow.
    Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy recently posted…Recent Favorite: Ballet BeautifulMy Profile

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