Camel Pose Variation {PilotingPaper}
Jogging it down: my week in review {}

Week 2 of a good schedule! Success. Good balance of runs and yoga. I’m feeling back on track and great about heading into the spring – and training again! I’m kind of ignoring that I need start that soon.

My week:


• Fitness Mag workouts: 01:30:00
Total body express band workout sheets (some of these and some of these) that came with my January issue plus the Express Workout in the same issue. I really didn’t feel like a run and I’ve been wanting to try the band moves. All around great workouts! I was sweating, but not out of breath like cardio. Lots of hip and oblique work. Finished with some inversions.


• TM tempo run: 5 miles; 54:01 (10:48 pace)
Pretty happy with this run. I broke it up into miles:
1 | 12:00 pace, 4% inline (easy warm up mile)
2 | 10:00 pace, 1% incline
3 | 11:00 pace, 2% incline
4 | 10:00 pace, 1% incline (with one 9:30 pace quick interval)
5 | 12:00 pace, 1% incline (easy cool down mile with two 9:30 pace quick intervals)

Those 10:00 miles are pretty quick for me right now, but I stuck with it and didn’t let myself slow the speed. My slow runner self WILL improve my overall pacing. 🙂

• I also joined another Instagram yoga challenge at #HappyNewYoga2 for February. It’s been a few months since I did one. #Sorrynotsorry that I may be inundating your feed with the photos. And if you’re not following me on IG, please do! It’s my favorite social media and I’m scrolling through photos all the time.


• Slow and simple yoga: 1:00:00
After a warm-up I realized I just needed a slow practice today. I took my time, focused on opening my hips and kept it simple. Sometimes I just need a yoga day that I’m not working on more difficult postures.


TM hill workout: 2.78 miles, 34:02 (12:14 pace)
Warm up of 5 minutes; Inclines of 8, 10 & 12% for 12 minutes, 6 minutes of recovery; faster run for 6 minutes; cool down of 5 minutes. I haven’t been sleeping well this week and went in to this workout a bit run down. Pushed through for a good run – and skipped the weights!

This one below isn’t for the challenge, but I’ve been dying to try it. I love how it looks!

Camel Pose Variation {PilotingPaper}


Speed and inversions in yoga: 1:00:00
Normally I like a very precise practice; holding poses, focusing on proper alignment, taking time to work deeper. Tonight, though, I switched it up for about a 30-minute faster vinyassa. Then I worked on head, forearm and handstands for a while.

I feel great about this week! It’s a little disappointing that I haven’t slept well; not sure why so I’m working on that. I’d like to punch out a 7-mile run this weekend. We may have people over for dinner tonight (new friends!) which necessitates a grocery run and will cut out run time this afternoon. Tomorrow will be fine.

How was your week this cold February?
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    • LarissaDaltonS
      LarissaDaltonS says:

      Followed you too! I think I got serious about yoga around the time I started using IG a lot more. So many great yoga challenges and fabulous yogis on there!


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