Fit Friday: training week 1 & a sneak peek at my new site!

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This week was the official beginning of half marathon training. I switched around the early week workouts as I was still sore from the Gladiator, but it feels good to have a couple runs done.

And they were HARD.

I can really feel those few weeks sans running (thanks, snow). I also haven’t fueled super well before the runs… and I’ve got to get my sleeping habits in check. On the other hand, I’m to say that daylight savings has changed my life. It’s so nice to not rush home to get a few miles in before dark. So. Nice.

Here’s my week:

  • Saturday
    • Gladiator race!
    • Over the river and through the woods for 6 miles + 3o obstacles.
    • It wasn’t timed, but we estimate we finished in about 1:45 – well under our goal of 2 hours!
    • #plankaday in my warmup.
  • Sunday & Monday
    • Rest, visit friends, drive 3 hours home, work, assist Jon with some of his work, etc. Busy rest days.
  • Tuesday
    • Fully intended to get a run in, but it didn’t happen. Life happened.
    • I did manage some strength work:
      • 60 back extensions
      • 60 pushups
      • 60 bridges
      • 30/30 side plank hip lifts
      • 60 #plankaday variations (15 each knee drops, hip twists, back leg raises & knee tucks)
    • Some stretching and calf rolling.
  • Wednesday
    • Kind of a 3–mile tempo run, 30:39 (9:50 pace).
    • Pace finished with an average I’m happy with, but it was hit and miss as I ran. Definitely felt pretty hard.
  • Thursday
    • Scheduled called for an As–you–feel (AYF) 3 miles, 31:54 (10:15 pace).
    • I felt good when I started so decided to take to hillier route around the park.
    • Followed with 100 incline crunches and 20 #plankaday shoulder circles.
  • Friday
    • The plan calls for 3 easy miles, so I might actually take a walk with Jon. His latest project has been single–handedly preparing an exhibit on campus, so we haven’t had a lot of hang–out time. I’m playing this evening by ear but I will get out for some activity.
    • Plus a 4–miler planned for Saturday means I’m finishing the week at 14 miles. Not too bad for week 1.

Also, no fun pictures this week! I feel like I’ve been tied to my computer finishing up freelance projects – Michelle at Crazy Running Legs has her new header and icons up! – and my site which launches this weekend! Here’s a sneak peek:

Exciting stuff…. just meant no fun photo ops. I’m saving you from photos of me working on my couch every evening. 🙂

How was your training this week? Anything new or exciting?

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6 Responses to Fit Friday: training week 1 & a sneak peek at my new site!

  1. Sherri Dalton says:

    Looks like you’re doing pretty good in your workouts! Stay focused. Praying for ya.

  2. Ooh.. loving the new site!

    Keep up the awesome workouts! 🙂

  3. Looking forward to your new blogs look! Happy #ff luv from @runningbloggers

  4. Your new site looks impressive! congrats!

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