Fit Friday: Horses, pallets and rest days

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This week feels like it lasted for. ev. er. Do I say that every Friday? Maybe.

So glad it’s Friday. It took me far too long to get up this morning. I’m ready for a weekend of relaxing, building the desk, organizing our existing desk stuff (and maybe some other spring cleaning; I’m motivated to get rid of everything) and a good long run.

Is it time to leave work yet? Now? 

Training week 4:

• Friday, Saturday, Sunday

• Total rest days. After sprints on Wednesday and hill repeats on Thursday, my knee was pretty sore. I spent the weekend icing and plenty of rolling and felt a ton better by Monday. Better a couple days off when I need them than a couple months off with an injury.

Easter Best {}

• Monday

• Strength work: 80 each squat jumps, pushups, jump lunges, plank up/downs and abs for 400 reps.
• Then 50 back extensions and a 3:00 #plankaday.

• Tuesday

• Comfortable 3 miles today, 30:24 (10:07 pace). Stomach was a bit upset so after a hilly first mile I kept it relaxed. After 4 days off it felt good.
• 1 mile walk cool down. #plankaday in my warmup.

Horse {}

This guy said hello on my walk home.

• Wednesday

• Scheduled rest day.

DIY Pallet Desk {}

Pulling apart more pallets.

• Thursday

• 4 miles, 40:42 (10:10 pace)
• 2.5 miles at about 10:05 average, then 2 mile sprint/slow repeats of :30/:30, and finished off with a slow and easy half mile.
• 30:00 at physical therapy, working my back, core and hips, including bridges and planks.

Perfect running in the park weather. {}

Just perfect weather in the park.

• Friday

• 2 mile bike ride commute – thank you Spring weather!
• Plan to take a couple mile walk with Jon this evening, plus we’ll work on our pallet board desk!

Over all a successful week. My physical therapist suggested I keep my mid–week runs shorter for my knee while working up my long run distance. I’m thinking I’ll max at 5 miles per run, but probably more around 3–4 miles.

Our grand plans this weekend are to finish the desk! We should get it all put together and then I’ll finish the polyurethane into next week. Our computer comes today, so we’ve got to get the desk ready! I’m excited.


What are your weekend plans? How was your week in training?

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10 Responses to Fit Friday: Horses, pallets and rest days

  1. Love the springtime pictures! My week was very high mileage as will be my weekend! I am in peak training time for a marathon and clocking 67 miles this week. Yeeks.

    • LarissaDaltonS says:

      Holy smokes woman! That kind of mileage only happens in my dreams. Maybe a long someday from now I’ll be in that kind of shape – and still manage to stay healthy.

      Have a fantastic weekend run!

  2. Kristy says:

    Awesome week! Good luck on finishing your deck! I am working my way off an injury and have had to keep to lower mileage lately. But I have high hopes that things will turn around and I can start working the distance up again and getting ready for fall marathons!

    • LarissaDaltonS says:

      Ugh, injuries are so hard – especially the ones that come back so easily. But low mileage weeks can be fun with less pressure. Good luck working your distance back up!

  3. Ima Mosier says:

    I had to take a couple of days off this week too. My weekend plans include the Tour Dallas bike rally. Have a great weekend.

    • LarissaDaltonS says:

      I just looked up the Tour Dallas – it looks awesome! I would love to do something like that. At some point I want to get more into cycling. Right now I’m an average bike commuter when it’s not winter outside, but I’d love to at least into triathlons.

      Have a blast!

  4. Beautiful pics! Love that dress:)

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