Fireballs and forest fires

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Happy 4th of July!!

This is my favorite day of. the. year. More favorite than my birthday or Christmas or Thanksgiving or even Halloween. Those days don’t have fireworks.


I can’t do July 4th without fireworks. I honestly think it sets the tone for the rest of my year. Dramatic much? Maybe. But it’s just that important.

Growing up we always went to fireworks, either at the New York State Fairgrounds or lake–side for a firework shot from a barge on the water. That was my favorite. If the water was calm, the reflections just made it that much better.

My most memorable fireworks show, however, involved fireballs and forest fires.

We were camping in Arkansas over the 4th weekend: myself, two of my brothers, my now–sister–in–law and my now–husband (all just dating way back then). We drove into the closest town for fireworks after dinner.

The fireworks were set to shoot out of big oil drums down in a water way, and we spectators all sat above on the ridges around. Behind us the town spread up onto big tree–covered hills. Now, I’m from New York and I’ve lived in Missouri for 10 years, both of which do not allow people to shoot off their own fireworks. Not so in Arkansas. We had the official show in front of us and all sorts of fireworks going off from houses above and behind us. Only in my dreams do I get fireworks all around me.

Pretty cool, right?

Until the drum closest to us failed to shoot up. Instead it exploded in a giant fireball on the ground. Yikes. Meanwhile somebody behind us decided to catch the forest on fire. Then there was black smoke and sirens and people leaving and other people wondering how bad it was… all during the ongoing firework show.

Not gonna lie, I kind of loved it.

Maybe not the best actual show I’ve ever seen, but certainly the most exciting.


This post needed another random fireworks photo. Trust me.

This year I won’t get my fireworks today, on the 4th. I’m disappointed, and yes, you can feel sorry for me. I will see a show on Saturday though. We’re visiting Jon’s family in Ohio, who don’t make fireworks a habit (I don’t understand this. Do you all see fireworks every year? It’s the most exciting part about this day, how can you not see them? Just me?) but fortunately for moi, there are 5 straight days of fireworks shows in the area.

Let me say that again: five. straight. days! For reeeaaaalllllsssss, that alone could finally draw us permanently back to Ohio like my mother– and sister–in–law are always asking. I would go to EVERY SINGLE SHOW. Le sigh….


What are your 4th of July traditions?

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  1. Ruby says:

    I’m not sure where in Ohio you are going but you just missed Red, White and BOOM. Its amazing! Its usually a day or two before the 4th, in downtown Columbus. I would try to catch it next year! Its such a blast all day. Happy 4th!
    Ruby recently posted…Running on the 4thMy Profile

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