Failure isn’t falling down

Jogging it down: my week in review {}

I had some failures this week. I suppose I was due after a few great workout weeks.


• No workouts. No long run. Not because I didn’t have time. I had lots of it. I just didn’t feel like it so didn’t make time. Fail.


• 2.5 miles, 30:03 (12:01 pace)
I wanted 6 or 7 miles (long run) on the TM… and I quit at just 2.5! This was completely a mental battle. I just couldn’t get in the groove, couldn’t focus and got frustrated quickly. It was slow and horrible and just plain miserable. I gave up. Fail.

• 4.36 miles stationary bike, 24:00 (10.9 mph)
Slow few miles at a strong resistance after my completely failed run. My quads and bum were burning from the beginning. It actually felt good to switch it up with some low-impact cross training.

•  Weights

• Lat pulls x30 at 70#
• Bent rows x30 at 70#
• Upright press x30 at 40#
• Plank reps x 40 (cross-under toe-touch, leg lifts, oblique knee-to-elbow)


• Date night! Our half-versary is the 11th, so it’s easy to go out that night and skip any Valentine’s Day craziness. Plus a Christmas gift card to a nice Italian restaurant from my job. Plus a coupon. Plus a two-meal special that you choose a meal to eat then and a second to take home. Plus drinks and desert. We are frugal go-outers, so this date felt quite extravagant. Definite win.

Restaurant lighting is so terrible AND I think I embarrassed Jon by pulling out my phone so I tried to be quick.


• Tired and still feeling cranky from the last run so I opted for a calming yoga session. Plus I’ve been behind on the challenge all week. Fail. I filled this practice with leg balances; I love these but kind of forget about them! Need to do these more often.


• 6.2 miles, 1:11:58 (11:36 pace)
Snow day – win! I got so much done and still relaxed… and did a long run. I feel great about this run after my earlier run attempt. This is about my “long” run distance right now as I work back up for a half in the spring – and it certainly felt like it! I kept the incline at 2% and adjusted the speed up and down as I felt like it. This run was pretty difficult but felt good overall. Win.

•  Strength

• Lat pull-downs x50 (30 at 70#, 20 at 60#)
• Upright presses x50 (20 at 40#, 10 at 30#, 20 at 20#)
• Bent rows x50 (35 at 70#, 15 at 80#)
• Abs x100 (plank cross-under toe-touch, leg lifts, oblique knee-to-elbow; crunches, russian twists, v-sits)

Friday & weekend

Nada! We’re hoping on a bus and heading up to NYC for the long weekend. Though there will be some walking involved, and perhaps a yoga session with my SIL, I have no plans to work out. This is partly why Monday’s run was so frustrating! I knew I had a date night, a few days of pasta leftovers and wouldn’t be working out this weekend… so I really wanted a few good sweat sessions this week.

Updated: Oh, and another fail? Not checking weather closings and coming into work on time when there’s a two hour delay. I could have slept another hour! So need the weekend…. 🙂

How was your week and Valentine’s Day?
How do you bounce back from those failed workouts or runs?

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2 Responses to Failure isn’t falling down

  1. Lindsey says:

    Sometimes your body just needs a break! Next week will be better 🙂
    Lindsey recently posted…Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

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