Embracing contentment



You guys, this photo is how I feel today. Content. Peaceful. Does that sound ridiculous? 🙂 I think too rarely do I stop and appreciate these moments. This weekend I said “wow, I feel really content right now” over and over. The last 2 years have brought some big changes and plenty of unknowns, so to feel this settled is quite refreshing.

Part of embracing contentment for me has been cutting off the to-do lists. I leave work at work. I don’t get my planner out on the weekends. I don’t check my email every day. *Gasp I know!* I jealously guard my weekends especially for things that refresh me.

And you know how you forget that being active makes you feel so much better? I just remembered. I did some great workouts for my “reset week”. Then we had a fabulous, though exhausting, weekend with one of our best friends. #happy


• Yoga class, 90:00
Went in to class with achy legs. It was a touch week to be sore! Lots of leg and hip work and finished with plenty of handstand work at the wall. Savasana was amazing after this one.


• Park laps + cross training, 2 miles, 45:00. Hit up the park next to my apartment.

2:24 – 1/2 lap .25 miles (to where I did the exercises)
3:43 – CT 20 each bench step ups, pushups, boat crunches
4:46 – full lap .5 miles
4:36 – CT 20 each squats, tricep dips, plank tucks
4:59 – full lap .5 miles
6:54 – CT 20 each sumo squats, pike pushups, bicycle crunches
5:04 – full lap .5 miles
5:33 – CT 20 each walking lunges, dive bombers, russian twists
2:25 – 1/2 lap .25 miles (toward home)
3:20 – cool down


• Yoga at home. ~35:00. Lots of planks. Lots of hamstring and hip stretches. Threw in some back extensions and twists for good measure.


• Run! 4.07 miles, 45:00 (11:03 pace)
Some easy treadmill miles. Had fun with these! I’ve been running to little lately that I just wanted a good, no–pressure, run.

• Weights: nothing fancy today, just couldn’t leave the gym without some arm/shoulder work post run. 8 reps each move, x5 for each superset.
Superset 1: basic curls #10, tricep extensions #20.
Superset 2: lateral raise #10, bent fly’s #15.

Friday + weekend

• One of our favorite people came down from NYC, making our weekend packed with lots of walking. And more walking.

The fellas learning to use Sextants for navigation.


Thank you, Air & Space Museum, for ‘teaching’ me how to target a plane.

* Feature image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


What makes you feel most content?
How was your last week??

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