DC touristing, first harvest and BIRTHDAY

Last weekend we drove to Jon’s family in Ohio. With his parents, brother and SIL, aunt and uncle, cousin and his wife (CIL?) we celebrated four family birthdays and Father’s Day x2. It was a record I’m sure. Guinness? Call me.

One meal had three cakes, apple strudel, brownies and ice cream. ONE MEAL.

Honestly. It was ridiculous. I wish I had a photo, but I’m the blogger who rarely has my phone out and I haven’t been emailed any that were taken by others. It’s for the best I think. 🙂

Here are the healthy choices I made this week:


• Walked the track, ~ 2 miles. Joined my SIL and a friend of her’s in the morning.

• HIIT, ~30:00.
I stayed after for some strength reps: 20 each pushups, walking lunge, squat jumps, dips, high step ups (thank you bleachers), “box” jumps on the bleachers and dive bombers.
+ 200 high knees and 4 sprint sets (½ the track running, ½ walking) for another mile.
+ dumbells at the house: 20 each curls, tricep extensions, T raises, bent flys and chest press pulse.


• Drive home from in-laws. SORE AS HECK. Honestly. I thought Saturday was a good workout, but nothing killer. Oh how wrong I was. Everything hurt Sunday and Monday. Everything.

This was from the week before, but I didn’t post it, so here you go.
I live here people. Come visit.


• Yoga class, 90:00
Yet another great class. We really worked the shoulders and neck today, then went into headstand, handstand and shoulder stand. I’m gonna be KILLING my inversions by the end of this session.

Also not from Ohio. You guys the Library of Congress is gorgeous.
Easily my favorite place in D.C.


• HIIT, 30:00
I wrote my own workout today based on targeting four body areas: chest, back, legs/hips and core, plus cardio. I did in my apartment and don’t want to pound on my neighbors below, I my cardio intervals were toned back. Got to keep those jumps landing softly, ya know?

The intervals are noted below. Each circuit was 5:00, 6 circuits for 30:00. The chest and back intervals are a bit general, with moves hitting arms and shoulders as well. I used 8 lb. and 10lb. dumbells and a 15 lb. kettle bell.

                       First four intervals: :30/:15. Cardio interval: :60:60.
Circuit 1: Pushups | Flys | Squats | Plank knee tucks | High knees
Circuit 2: Dips | Plank rows | Lunges | V sits | Squat jumps
Circuit 3: Dive bombers | T raises | “Crab” alternating-leg hip lifts | Plank knee drops | High knees
Circuit 4: Tricep pushups R | Curls | dead lifts | V hold | Jump lunges
Circuit 5: Tricep pushups L | Shoulder press | Step ups | Plank pike  lift | High knees
Circuit 6: Front raises | Chest press pulse | Table alternating leg lifts | Back extensions | Skater lunges


• Rest day. Up early for my studio shift.

First harvest from our garden. Green beans for all the days!


• Yoga, 30:00. This power yoga class from MyYogaPro.com focused on upper body. Hello shoulders.
• 15:00 arm workout from Tracy Anderson, part without weights, part with weights. Hello shoulders again.
• 15:00 butt workout from Tracy Anderson. Ouch. Seriously.

Happy birthday sundaes for me at work.


• Fartlek run | 3.21 miles, 35:00 (10:54 pace).
First morning working in AGES. Just felt inspired Thursday evening. Got up early and hit the treadmill. I just set it on a programmed workout and adjusted as I went. Rolling incline intervals and speed/recover intervals. This workout was honestly FUN and I haven’t felt that about running in a while.


Any news from you all?
What races are you running?
Have you tried some new workouts or had a recent success?

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2 Responses to DC touristing, first harvest and BIRTHDAY

  1. I haven’t been to the LOC in ages – I should stop in there sometime since I work in DC!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! recently posted…Friday Five: Five Ways To Beat The HeatMy Profile

  2. DC looks amazing!!! So jealous you live there! Great week of workouts girl!
    Mindy @ Road Runner Girl recently posted…Fitness Friday…June 20th Edition!My Profile

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