Well folks, we are a week away from being Maryland residents.

Thanksgiving was calm as far as a holiday and busy as a packing week. We have a room filled with boxes and are quite tired of stuffing things into boxes. Our apartment feels like we’re actually leaving! Last night I watched the Washington football game and each time there was a shot of the city, I kept thinking that’s going to be our home “town” in a week. Crazy.

With packing comes cleansing. There have been several trips to the Salvation Army, with more to come, as well as multiple things sold. It’s freeing and refreshing and inspiring to get rid of things I don’t need. And not even to make room for new things, but simply to have more space and less “stuff.” I’m a very spacial person, emotionally and physically. The purge that accompanies moving is almost good enough to make me loathe packing a tiny bit less.

Four days of work, a day to pack the truck and clean, then we’re on the road Saturday. Sheesh! So soon!

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