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I’m blown away by the response to my post about the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video, I am not Dove’s beautiful. This post has been shared more than any I’ve written so far. Thank you for all of the feedback – the questions “what is beautiful and who defines it” are really important ones and I’m glad to see us having the conversation. 🙂

In other news, it’s now May. Spring. A third through the year. Geez Louise how did that happen?

Spring is here which means spring cleaning and lots of fun spring specials. I figured this applies to our blogs, too!

I haven’t announced this much, but I am a trained graphic designer and I enjoy doing blog design on a freelance basis. My current job doesn’t allow me much time for the fun and bright and energetic design stuff that I enjoy most, so working with other bloggers keeps my creative side sane. 🙂

Here are some recent samples:

Crazy Running Legs

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Running & Baking, oh my!

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Now for the exciting part:

In honor of spring, I’m giving 10% off my design packages
to the first 3 bloggers who contact me!

Blog Spring Cpeaning {}

We can also build custom packages, of course, and I’ll give you a final quote after I know the details of what you want. To see the pre–set packages and fill out a form to request a quote, go here.

I’m excited to start some new projects! Happy May, all!


If you could change one thing on your blog, what would it be?

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