Nike DriFit pants {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Happy Friday! It was a shorter work week, but I’m still glad it’s Friday. Ready to stay in bed longer rather than have to get up in the freezing tundra that is winter. At 27º, this morning commute was the warmest all week. I know I shouldn’t complain too much, as we’re not getting snow & ice at the moment, but I’m going to anyway. I hate cold. 🙂

I spent the weekend with this awesome lady while our husbands took over Kansas City. Lovely and refreshing weekend with one of my favorite people!

Kristin {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Couldn’t resist posting a dramatic photo of Kristin. 🙂

  • Friday
    • 2.4 miles
  • Saturday
    • 1/2 mile jog warmup
    • X 5 {10 pushups, 10 step ups, 10 dips, 10 abs}
    • 1 mile walk home
    • 20 minutes of yoga
Veggie curry {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

My dear friend Kristin came to visit this weekend, and we made her veggie curry recipe over brown rice. SO GOOD.

  • Sunday
    • 1 mile run, 1.5 mile walk
    • Side plank w/ 10 twists w. 10 lb.
Healthy cookies {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Sunday night Kristin and I wanted something sweet, so we experimented with a healthy cookie recipe. Bananas, organic peanut butter, sugar–free applesauce, oats, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. Here’s the recipe. They are tasty and hit the spot!

  • Monday
    • Rest day.
  • Tuesday
    • Light day. Some stretching, 50 pushups, and 2:00 each front, right and left planks.
  • Wednesday
    • 4.07 miles in 43:21 (10:39 average). Felt awesome to do a longer run today!
    • 50 pushups, 50 dips, 20 dive bombers.
Nike DriFit pants {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Made a trip to Marshalls and found these Nike DriFit pants. Score for winter running!

  • Thursday
    • Pretty much nothing. I had every intention to do some HIIT work, but life got in the way. Happens sometimes. Short 1:00 plank before bed.
Cold office tea {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

This is how I’ve spent the last week in my office: freezing and unwilling to take the winter layers off.

Hope you all had a great week, and have an even better weekend!

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Piloting Paper Airplanes Lasagna Rolls

I’m home sick today, so this will be a short post with a few photos. Those are easy. 🙂

Tuesday I tried  a new recipe, lasagna rolls. Not to be confused with lasagna. Which is basically the same thing, just stacked rather than rolled. It sounded cheesy and delicious, so I rolled with it.

The prep and the baking. I couldn’t tell you the calories and healthiness of this meal, but I doubt it was great. We did use low–fat ricotta cheese though. Jon chopped up fresh onions, garlic and zucchini and we mixed in an egg and spices. Put it together, top it off with sauce and cheese and get those lovelies baking. I put them in at 425° with the lids on for 20 minutes and then about 10 minutes with the lids off.

Piloting Paper Airplanes Lasagna RollsI planned to make this for weeks, so I was dying  to finally eat it. It did not disappoint. Perhaps not the best gourmet lasagna ever, but we both enjoyed it.

Piloting Paper Airplanes Lasagna Rolls

Now to the exciting news!

I’ve talked about my author/co–worker friend Casey before. She is the inspiration behind the Megaphone Society and pretty rad. Casey has been working on her first novel for 3+ years and yesterday, her shipment of paperback books finally arrived!

Casey Voight The Dove

Easily the most exciting day of work thus far.

We may or may not have gone racing out of the building when we saw the truck, and there may or may not have been four of us taking pictures of the poor (and super nice!) delivery guy. What can I say; you only get your first shipment of your first book once.

Print copies will be available to purchase soon; The Dove comes highly recommended by yours truly. I’m a big reader and really enjoyed this one. Also check out Casey’s blog and the book trailer on her web site.

Megaphone Society

Megaphone Society

Thursday’s workout: 2.7 mile run, 28:00 min. | 100 squats | 3:00 plank
Friday’s workout: 2.3 mile run, 21:50 min. | 140 squats | 70 push ups | 1:00 plank
Saturday’s workout: 3.4 mile run, 37:00 min. | 2:00 plank
Monday’s workout: Rep workout (20 each x 4 rounds: walking lunges, push ups, hanging ab tucks, dips, tuck jumps), 16:49 min. | Jenn’s pilates abs | 100 squats | 20 pike push ups | 2:30 plank….. Sheesh, that’s a lot to write out!

A few weeks ago, my friend and co–worker Casey Voight told me about a crazy idea.

Casey is a new author stumbling her way through self–publishing. (Amazingly, Google failed to have clear answers for questions like “do I need to have a Library of Congress number” or “what are some of the top services for hosting and selling e–books?”)

She had the opportunity to talk with a long–time author, hoping to get some concrete feedback and advice. His conclusion: “Don’t give up, but also don’t expect much.” Casey writes, “The market is flooded with everyone’s little voice screaming ‘Hey look what I did’, ‘Buy my book’, ‘Check this out’. It gets to be a deep–sea of people struggling to be heard, one over the next.”

Being the problem–solver that she is, Casey had a simple idea! Rather than all trying to scream over each other, why don’t we join our voices and help one another? Why isn’t there a community for authors, old and new, who can support each other and share ideas?

*Epiphany moment*

When Casey shared her idea of the Megaphone Society, I was immediately interested. I know how much I appreciate all the #sweatpink ladies, the #imagreatist family, and all my other health and fitness bloggers and tweeps. Though we only know each other through the blogosphere, these people have been an incredible source of encouragement, motivation and help.

People love having a community, a sense of belonging. The Megaphone Society provides just such a safe place for authors to grow and learn from each other. I’m so proud of Casey and all the work she has done finally getting her book out, and I’m really excited to help her start Megaphone. I believe in the power of communities like this.Megaphone Society

And so, I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of the Megaphone Society!

If you’re a writer, look around the site and join the movement! If you’re not a writer but know someone who is, please share the site with them. We have a lot of great things planned, such as author profiles, marketing strategies, Twitter #authorchats and creative prompts called Ink Outs.

That’s enough for me today. I want you to go to the Megaphone Society! Support authors, support a new community, support a movement.

Disclaimer: this post contains political content. Opinions are my own, and I’m always willing to learn more.


Monday’s workout: 40 weighted squats, 10 superman push ups, 20 chair dips. I had a surprise call from one of my good friends (who, like most of them, lives far away) so that took precedence over a workout.

This will be a shorter post, but I do have a thing or two to say about the large amount of rape talk happening in the political world lately. First things first. I came across this last week:

GOP rape advisory chart

I have just two points to make about this.

Number one, these are terrible comments that should not be voiced, regardless of context.

Number two, these are comments taken completely out of context.

Which leads to my point (I did say this was going to be short). I am incredibly uncomfortable with the way rape is being discussed right now. Horrible comment, or just a stupid comment taken out of context… we are not talking about real rape issues at all.

No one in the political realm is talking about the legal challenges of reporting a rape. No one is talking about the fear that must be overcome to report a rape, and how the system discourages women from doing that. No one is talking about the health issues – mental and physical. As far as I can tell, the only reason it’s come up is in connection to abortion.

{Note: I’m mainly talking about women as we are the majority of rape victims. That being said, I in no way disregard men who are victims of rape. They have their own significant challenges as well. Also, I am not a rape victim. I only write as a women concerned with the current rhetoric}

What concerns me most is that we, as a society, will quickly experience “rape fatigue” and the issue will fall from public conversation long before we’ve actually talked about it.

Frankly put, I would rather not be talking about it at all. This “conversation” of political talking heads does absolutely nothing to help victims. It does nothing to assist medical staff working with victims. It does nothing to change the legal circumstances or aid investigators in arresting alleged rapists.

Rape is rape is rape. There may different levels of violence involved, but rape is a heinous crime that impacts a victim far beyond the physical pain. That is what we should talk about.

Not whether a rape is “legitimate” or “honest” or how a pregnancy seemingly makes the rape count. Those things shouldn’t be said at all.

take rape seriously

After a lovely Halloween weekend with some great friends, I am tired, in a candy hangover and feeling so very blessed. It’s not often you find a group of people who truly become family.

This week’s motivation is more about dreams than health. I had a developing thought process through several conversations this weekend about dreams, what I value in a place I live and where I want to do. As much as I love interesting and new places, a city is worth staying because of the people rather than the amenities. A dream isn’t as valuable if it doesn’t involve the important people in my life.

It’s a jumble of thoughts that aren’t worth the attempt to write cohesively, but I think the basic idea is this:

Dream big, work hard, love long.

For me, these lose their value when separated. Big dreams don’t mean as much when separated from people I love, and they don’t happen without hard work. Working hard for something that I don’t love is miserable. The most important things are so because they seem out of reach and require work to get there.

So! For my non–existent word of the week and weekly challenge:

This week’s word: dream.

This week’s challenge: write down some of those dreams. Life dreams, health dreams, family dreams, out–of–reach dreams, impossible dreams. I want to get them out on paper and spend some time thinking about them. Maybe some of them stay in the dream phase, but some could become goals with steps to begin now.

Do you have dreams that could use some attention?
How do you motivate yourself to pursue them?

dreams don't work unless you do

create your life

good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle

the best way to predict the future is to create it

turn intentions into actions

come alive and go do it