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  • |lately| January in retrospect

    Jan 30, 15 • |lately|8 Comments
    |lately| January in retrospect

    January was full of dreaming and planning; of trying new things and meeting new people; of challenging myself and finding routine. Join me for a glimpse of January in retrospect. Fitness As of this morning, I have been active 23 of the 30 days in January. I’ll add at least one more tonight or tomorrow. Including my [&hellip...

  • |lately| Fresh start

    Jan 8, 15 • |lately|6 Comments
    |lately| Fresh start

    I love new years. I love the adventure and unknowns of something new. I love a fresh start. I love the dreams and anticipation inherent in beginnings. I love the freedom to be, to create, to build. To leave behind the old, only taking what I want into the new. Last January I was so [&hellip...


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