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  • Intention


    First, thanks for the strength training tips on Friday! I’ve already made some adjustments. Excited to keep getting stronger! I’ve got a busy week ahead with two evenings working at the yoga studio and leaving town on Friday afternoon for a long Memorial Day weekend in NYC. Looking forward to 3+ days straight with some [&hellip...

  • No race for me

    No race for me

    My thoughts are all over the place today. In the last week I’ve had a couple of conversations and done some thinking and read a couple of blogs and set some goals. My first decision is that I am not running the 10k this Sunday. I’ve been going back and forth since I know my [&hellip...

  • Spring race

    Spring race

    I’m scouting out a spring 1/2 marathon. I think I’ve decided on one (stay tuned) and I’m way motivated to run. Got a fair amount of work to do building up my mileage again, but I’ve kept a moderately acceptable base and I’m stronger all around thanks to regular yoga this winter. Ready to run! [&hellip...

  • Happy Holidays from D.C.!

    Happy Holidays from D.C.!

    We’re here!!! And I’m back online! Nearly completely settled as well. There are a couple of boxes left – mostly decoration stuff. The first couple things are on the walls. I’d say that’s pretty good for two weeks. We haven’t done a ton around the city yet. Unpacking and starting work has kept us pretty [&hellip...

  • Brave enough to start – and stop

    Brave enough to start – and stop

    Packing and moving takes a lot of time, so I’m completely failing at regular workouts lately. Instead, I’m going back to some tried and true short interval workouts or quicker yoga sessions focusing on shoulder and core strength. Those, plus my daily walk to work, has to be enough right now. And you what? It [&hellip...


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