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  • The end of back pain

    Jun 18, 14 • Health & Fitness, |health|No Comments
    The end of back pain

    “It was one of those experiences you don’t forget. Many years ago, when I was a neurosurgery resident, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a call from a new patient named Tom. ‘If I had a gun,’ he said, ‘I would blow my brains out.’ My heart pounded as I tried [&hellip...

  • A little bit of everything

    Jun 6, 14 • Health & Fitness, |health|2 Comments
    A little bit of everything

    Hangout, relax time, yoga class, HIIT workouts, a run… maybe a bike ride coming. I did everything this week. Saturday + Sunday • I got lazy, y’all. Saturday afternoon/evening we were at a cookout and I didn’t want to get up early enough to workout and be ready before hand. Sunday I napped on the [&hellip...

  • I will play outside

    I will play outside

    Hello! Happy hump day! Happy national running day! It’s beautiful outside – albeit getting toasty already – and I’m up bright and early to work at the yoga studio. My alarm going off 2 hours early is a little painful, but I’m actually enjoying these peaceful mornings. My walk to the studio takes me through [&hellip...

  • Strength training help

    May 16, 14 • Health & Fitness, |health|8 Comments
    Strength training help

    Hi all! (Is it strange to have a greeting? Maybe it is. Mixing it up, trying new things!) I had a pretty great week; nothing fancy or special. Just busy, productive, good workouts, great sleep (yoga nidra, people). Jon submitted very extensive applications for two awesome photography/ multimedia jobs. Like, 10+ pages of essay questions when all [&hellip...

  • Workout shmirkout

    May 9, 14 • Health & Fitness, |health|2 Comments
    Workout shmirkout

    I didn’t workout a lot this week, but I made them count. Feeling good! Saturday • 5.2 miles, 1:03:37 (12:14 pace) I didn’t care about time, just *really* wanted to hit 5 miles today. This was SO HARD because 1) Hillllsss. I’m coming from the mostly-flat midwest where the hills I did run I now realize [&hellip...


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