Pioneering hard #Creeps {}

Fitness Friday Linkup #RunningBloggers {}Peeps, today you get a ton of photos. Yay!! Right? Mostly because I did almost zero running this week… so I make up for it with lots of pictures. That’s what good fitness bloggers do, I’m told.

• Friday – Monday

• Nada. We left town for a Creeps reunion with our closest friends. The planned camping trip was snowed out, but we “camped” in one of the friends’ houses and had a great weekend. Four couples live away now, so it’s always really nice to have everyone back together again.

Here, enjoy some pictures from a perfect–weather Monday at the park:

Jordan Valley Park #Creeps {}

This park is my favorite place in Springfield.

Jordan Valley park #Creeps {}

The evolution of man.

Pioneering hard #Creeps {}

Pioneering hard.

Jordan Valley Park #Creeps {}

Man defeats water.

Jordan Valley Park #Creeps {}

We cool.

Jordan Valley Park #Creeps {}

Pioneering is hard work guys.

Jordan Valley Park #Creeps {}

I like them.


• Sprint sets, 3 miles, 31:42 (10:33 pace)

Making these sprint intervals was a bad idea. My first mile felt great, but as soon as I started the speed work, I died. Like, all the energy was sucked out of me. For only 3 miles, this run was HARD. Plus, it was hot. Not used to warm weather runs yet.

• 4.5 miles walk commute, around campus and back from the park, 01:20:00.

• Oh yeah, and did you catch my tweets/posts about living in a construction zone, complete with cement falling from the ceiling, multiple unplanned water features also pouring from the ceiling, toxic dust coming in the windows, earthquakes from some ginormous drills and a fire outside our office door? Well, we moved. Casey and I now share this office, our student employees are crammed into separate space and our storage stuff… I’m still not sure. But hey, at least we aren’t dying at work.

New digs with Casey Voight {}

• Wednesday & Thursday

• Still my walk commute, but no running. Some stretching and rolling is all that happened. Legs felt really fatigued in Wednesday, Thursday I had a sick husband at home and it was rainy… life happened. Oh well.

Because I feel like, here’s another picture. So professional.

Professional at work {}

• Friday + Weekend

• Not sure what I’ll feel like doing today, but this weekend I have a 10–miler planned. My last long run before my HALF MARATHON NEXT WEEKEND!


Hope your workout week was more productive than mine.
Anyone else having trouble with the transition to warm–weather runs?

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    • LarissaDaltonS
      LarissaDaltonS says:

      Thanks! We did have fun. Nothing like spending 4 days with some of the closest people in my life. 🙂


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