To follow yesterday’s Beyoncé video – which if you didn’t watch, go back right now and do so – I decided to post some of my favorite inspirational pieces.

The World Humanitarian Day song did its work on me. I’ve been wanting to become a Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer, but Jon and I decided that this summer was a bad time to start. The plan was to get involved once we got back. I’ve forgotten about it until watching the video yesterday. “And know that I meant something in somebody’s life.” I asked myself what can I do in my small space in this world. My first step was to start the application process to be a Big Sister yesterday.

I’m a huge fan of inspiration boards, posting quotes around the house, in my wallet, goals on my mirror, etc. I put up fitness encouragement, quotes about courage, motivation to push me out of my comfort zone, reminders to be help me be a better person, and more. These motivate me so much. I encourage each of you to learn the power of putting these tangible reminders around you.

Here are a few of my current favorites: (Each one links to the image on my Pinterest board)

when did we forget this?

dig it


encourage instead

Dr. Seuss

live it

no one is


Do you put up quotes or pictures to motivate you?
What are you favorite types?

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